Men's Night Out is a 2017 Christmas comedy film starring an ensemble cast consisting of Ben Stiller, Martin Freeman, Terry Crews, Steve Carrell, Demi Moore, Emma Stone, Ricky Gervais and Owen Wilson.


Alex Fitzgerald and Tony Hooper are friends from high school, until Tony begins to traitor Alex for a football game in senior high 1978. Since then, they became enemies and Alex has since began to be friends with the Mayor's son, Dylan, and British twin neighbors, Dan and Barry. 

In 2016, Alex is now a motivational speaker, and married to his childhood crush Alyssa Carter, and has two children with her named Lisa and Cody, while Tony is a famous football player, Dylan becoming the town's mayor, and Dan and Barry becoming house investors. 

As they all reunite at Christmas, they go on a night out but several misadventures happen between the five, but they both need to save Dan's Christmas because Dan's wife, Claire, is giving birth. Could they make their own Christmas hangovers and misadventures happier than ever? 



  • Ben Stiller as Alex Fitzgerald
  • Terry Crews as Tony Hooper
  • Martin Freeman as Dan Peterson, Barry's younger fraternal twin
  • Ricky Gervais as Barry Peterson, Dan's older fraternal twin
  • Steve Carrell as Dylan Summers
  • Owen Wilson as Jeffrey, the main antagonist
  • Emma Stone as Claire Peterson (nee Wyatt), Dan's pregnant wife
  • Demi Moore as Alyssa Fitzgerald, Alex's wife
  • Dane DeHaan as Bryan Wyatt, Claire's brother
  • Anna Wood as Kate Wyatt, Bryan's pregnant wife
  • Adam West as Mr. Summers, Dylan's father
  • Melissa McCarthy as Anna, a single mother attracted to Barry
  • Kristen Wiig as Camille Summers, Dylan's overbearing wife
  • Bailee Madison as Lisa Fitzgerald, Alex's daughter
  • Griffin Gluck as Cody Fitzgerald, Alex's son




  1. EXO - Lotto
  2. EXO ft. Yoo Jae Suk - Dancing King
  3. Eminem - Just Lose It
  4. SHINee - Lucifer
  5. Super Junior - Mamacita
  6. Super Junior - It's You
  7. Super Junior (M) - Super Girl (Korean Ver.)
  8. BLACKPINK - Boombayah
Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 MAMACITA(아야야) Music Video

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 MAMACITA(아야야) Music Video

STATION 유재석 X EXO Dancing King Music Video

STATION 유재석 X EXO Dancing King Music Video

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