Memory Hits

Memory Hits is 2017 science fiction thriller film directed by Robert Schwentke. This films stars Josh Hartnett, Casey Mulligan,


A New York detective's clone was resurrection by sciencer and try to hunt his clone's killer who kills him.



  • Josh Hartnett as Detective Daniel Warren/David Warren
  • Carey Mulligan as Dr. Emma Hardy/A young woman who was Daniel's girlfriend
  • TBA as TBA


Emma take dying Daniel went to see his clone's gravestone before he take his clone's soul to himself to find his life

  • (Thunder)
  • (Daniel groan)
  • Emma: Daniel, that is your clone.
  • Daniel: My clone.
  • Emma: I am pregnant.
  • Daniel: What.
  • Emma: I am pregnant with your child.
  • (Daniel groan)
  • Daniel: 25 seconds.
  • (Daniel walk)
  • Emma: Daniel, don't do this.
  • Emma: It will kill you.


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