Memories of an Old Demon
Genres Darkwave

Black Metal

Label Independent Black Records
Release Date 26 January 1998
Producer Demona

Memories of an Old Demon is the third full lenght studio album by North American band Satan's Gods, released on 26 January 1998, despite of beeing described as an full lenght release, the album just contains two songs, this album had the #26 position at the Peark Chart.

Track Listing

  1. Memories of an Old Demon - The Shattered & Split Ones (01:25:00)
  2. Memories of an Old Demon - Reconstructing (01:25:00)


  • Demona - Vocals, Keyboards, Syntethizers, Lyrics & Music
  • Johanna - Piano on track 2, Bass, Backing Vocals & Music
  • Jessica - Guitar, Guitar Solo on tracks 1 & 2, Backing Vocals on track 2 & Lyrics
  • Agony - Drumms, Melotron, Percussion, Music & Lyrics
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