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A Megastorm man with his invocatron

Megastorm - one of the species of the Neobionts from the Neobiontomania.

Profile in the computer

  • Type: Electric
  • Character: Neutral
  • Size: approx. 2m
  • Human Origin: Yes
  • Rational: Yes
  • Body Type: Humanoid
  • Systematics: Humanaceae
  • Abilities: Electrokinesis, increased strength and endurance
  • Natural Weapons: None


Similar to people, but more built than the average person, tall. Orange skin. No visible nose, white hair, eyes (which doesn't mean they are blind - by no means), nails and natural patterns on the skin. These patterns can be very diverse, possibly as unique as fingerprints to humans.


They are a sapient, civilized species, but they are also quite territorial, and sometimes even aggressive. However, one can get along with them.


Various. They usually live in small villages.


They can generate strong electrical discharges, usually in the form of orange lightning. High resistance to lightning, which can even redirect it.


Like most Electric Neobionts, they are vulnerable to plasma damage.


Omnivores (like humans)

Known examples

Translation to the other languages:

  • English: Megastorm
  • Esperanto: Megaŝtormo
  • German: der Megasturm
  • Polish: Megasztorm


Initially, the skin of the Megastorms was supposed to be purple, but the author decided that they would look too much like the rip-offs of Thanos then.