The main characters of Megaman X: The Musical

Megaman X: The Musical will be made by someone who makes musicals, while the characters and songs will be:


  • Roger Craig Smith as Megaman X
  • Tom Hanks as Zero
  • Sigourney Weaver as Alia
  • John Goodman as Sigma
  • Albert Brooks as Chill Penguin
  • Mike Myers as Storm Eagle
  • Jackie Chan as Vile


  • Overture/War is here - sang by Megaman X
  • Don't get upset - sang by Zero and Alia
  • Why is he here? - sang by Sigma
  • You have to stop them - sang by Alia
  • Who would kill more robots? - sang by Megaman X and Zero
  • I'll join you - sang by Vile
  • The war must stop- sang by Megaman X
  • Let's fight - sang by Megaman X, Zero, and Sigma
  • You must be stopped - sang by Megaman X and Sigma
  • The world is now at peace - sang by Megaman X, Zero, Alia, and other unnamed Maverick Hunters
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