Megalodon (SciiFii)
Carcharocles megalodon, also known as Megalodon, the giant white shark, the megatooth shark, the big tooth shark, or Meg, is a large species of shark from the family of Otodontidae, and was once extinct, but has been brought back from extinction by SciiFii. According to Richard Boggs and some other working scientists: "This was one of the hardest species they ever tried to resurrect, mainly due the fear that it would just increase humanity's phobia for sharks, but with the unexpected final results from our creation, it was all worth it at the end". While regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever lived, the megalodon poses no danger to people, unlike great white sharks (even though humans are not the preferred prey of the great white shark) or in pop-culture, due to humans and their pets being too small to fill the megalodon's stomach and megalodon having evolved to prey on various large marine animals, not people or other land animals. The megalodon is a robust-looking shark and have a similar build to the great white shark. excepr being more builier in build, as well as having a smaller dorsal fin, broader tail fin, and a slightly smaller head for its body size. Mature male megalodons have a body mass of 12.6 to 33.9 metric tons (13.9 to 37.4 short tons), and mature females have a body mass of 27.4 to 59.4 metric tons (30.2 to 65.5 short tons). Male megalodons, when fully grown, can range in length from 10.5 to 14.3 meters (34 to 47 ft) and females, when fully grown, 13.3 to 17 meters (44 to 56 ft). Though sharks are generally opportunistic feeders, megalodon's great size, high-speed swimming capability, and powerful jaws, coupled with an impressive feeding apparatus, makesps it an apex predator capable of consuming a broad spectrum of animals. Due to their massive size, their need to travel long distances for seasonal migration, and extremely demanding diet, it is not logistically feasible to keep megalodons in captivity. No aquarium in the world is currently believed to own one. The megalodon may be constantly assaults from a giant killer whale, but the real reason megalodon is listed as Endangered is due to people hunting Megalodons for their fins to make shark fin soup, however, the conservationists have protected megalodons against illegal shark-finning groups.
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