Yeah, and you brought enough intolerance to the world to allow my coming. Now, everyone bow down to me!
~ Mega's last words before her death.

Mega a.k.a. Meg, is the main antagonist of the 20th Century Fox's 2016 animated film, Leeland.

She is voiced by Jim Cummings, who also played Steele in Balto, Fuzzy Lumpkins in The PowerPuff Girls, Ed in Disney's The Lion King, Nessus in Disney's Hercules, Dennis in Disney's Tarzan, Hernán Cortés in El Dorado, Razoul in Disney's Aladdin, and Pete in all Disney media including Goof Troop and the Kingdom Hearts videogame franchise.


Mega was first mentioned in the shadows with his group and a (former) very selfish dragon, Rocky, when the Narrator scares an adolescent elf, Leonard, about the dangers of Hell.

She later appears in a nightmare that Bia was having when he managed to capture and is about to eat her alive, only to find out that Nicky gave her nightmare to warn about the dangers of Mega and her ruthless demon gang.

The next day, Mega heads to the Leonard's foster home, complaining that he didn't get enough sleep last night because of Rocky's talking. As Leonard and Bia hides inside a snozzcumber, Mega sniffs around, believing that a human has taken refuge. She is then about to eat the snozzcumber that Leonard is hiding, only to be reminded by Rocky that she and her group hates defeat, something which Mega concurred on. She then leaves, stealing the ACME cartoon potion along the way.

When Leonard heads off to Bia's mansion, about to be demolited soon, he accidentally wakes up Mega and her gang, who then start to bully him around by playing a rough game. While Leonard manages to avoid detection, a sunbeam came, which suddenly frightens Mega and Rocky to take refuge, allowing Leonard and Bia to enter to Leeland. However, Leonard accidentally leaves Bia's blanket behind, which is found by Mega himself. At that time, Mega accidentally reveals to Leonard that she once took and raised a elf. Then, instead, Mega reveals her true colors to kill Leonard and Bia, and then enslaving the human race to return to the surface by conquer Heaven and Earth, alongside her girlfriend.

Mega declared that they would kill off the humans, as an act of revenge to strike back at the humans. Mega then betrayed Rocky and alert the others for an attack at midnight.

To ensure that the plan goes well, Leonard and a now-redeemed Rocky creates another dream that Bia had caught before, but is distraught to see that he left his dream trumpet back at Buckingham Palace. Bia decides to take matters by smashing the jar, allowing the dream to consume the demons' minds. However, being awakened by Bia's presence and spotting her, Mega manages to avoid the dreams and is about to kill Bia, only for Rocky to stand for Leonard. Grabbing Leonard by the waist, Mega is about to kill him until the soldiers use their grappling hooks to hold her in place, sucks her and the other demons back into Hell, saving both Leonard and the humans.

Refusing to accept defeat, Mega frees herself and uses his position of power over her ex-boyfriend, Satan, to launch and invasion of earth after the Canadian-American war made it possible for him to enter, and Satan briefly manage to take over the world. US soldiers tried to shoot him, but she was shown to be immune to their weaponry. She is later seen thrown back into Hell, where she is impaled on a spike.


Mega is a greedy, manipulative, cunning, selfish, evil, arrogant, hot-tempered, vituperative, selfish, sadistic, power-hungry, ruthless and aggressive demon who was driven by desire than revenge, most likely turned cold due to his mate and the other members of his pack being murdered at the hands of the humans.

She is also a blasphemous and malevolent being who grants deals to anyone who asks in exchange for her escape from the imprisonment inside the diamond. She can be a clever and manipulative trickster as well, turning Leonard Lightfoot into his slave despite agreeing to spare him and his girlfriend, Bia, if she will destroy the humans' souls and take over the Earth.



  • Mega is similar to Judge Claude Frollo from the 1996 animated Disney film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as they are elderly but politically powerful villains who committed genocide against particular races out of paranoia and hate (Frollo, Gypsies; Mega, Humans).
  • Despite being a female, she was voiced by the male actor Jim Cummings.


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