It's the dawn of humanity's science age. Human beings also become more technologically advanced and most factory and manual labor are carried out by synthetic machines or genetically modified organisms. This leaves humans with job opportunities like de-extinction, rewilding and other more human-centered careers, like store owners and soldiers. Gun and birth control become serious preaching of governments. The most successful world powers in order from greatest to least are China, India, Russia, Japan, US, Canada and Great Britain. Though some countries do still play an important part in the world economy. Humans almost completely converge into one race of human. 

Our best efforts, tigers in India had rise in numbers once again, though Siberian tigers still persist and a small colony of Chinese tigers introduced to Africa seem to do fairly well. We manage to save the Humpback whale, the blue whale, narwhal and beluga whale from extinction, but the other large whales go extinct to our knowledge. Our efforts to save the Asian rhinoceros and northern white rhinoceros has finally payed off, and so did the southern white rhinoceros, Indian rhinoceros and most surprisingly the black rhinoceros manage to survive. Most large African animals had to adapt to the rising human population using new migratory routes to and relying on nature perseveres (also can be said for North and South America). Though some creatures benefited from human expansion urbanizing to our environment. An odd urbanized animal is the blue penguin, which was considered a pest in African cities (clogging sewer systems) thrived. Though some attempts to get rid of the species was practiced, they managed to keep coming back. Then after nearly centuries without war, a economic shattering catastrophic war with a economic shattering catastrophic war with vampires and aliens breaks loose, which kills 1/3 of all humanoid species, except dylanuses. Most livestock miracously survive and revert to their wild state. The remainder of humans moved to new planets with best efforts to terraform them, leaving the fauna of the earth to control their own destinies. 

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