MegaGenie is a 2011 American animated musical film produced by Shires Animation Studios and released by Michael Shires Pictures. Written and directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, the film features an ensemble voice cast that stars Julia Sawalha and Will Smith.


Two sides cross paths when MegaGenie (Will Smith) and A Princess named Jasmine (Julia Sawalha) cross paths, and Jasmine’s Dad, King Khan (Jim Cummings) tries to keep them away.

Voice Cast:


  1. MegaGenie Rap - MegaGenie
  2. King Khan - King Khan, Sparkles the Kirin, and People of the Dark Kingdom
  3. God Save the World - Jasmine
  4. Savage - King Khan and People of the Dark Kingdom
  5. King Khan (Reprise) - Sparkles the Kirin and Chorus

Additional Voices

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