Meg is a 2017 American creature horror film written by Eli Roth and directed by Eli Roth starring Morena Baccarin, Wagner Moura, Bruno Campos, Rodrigo Santoro, Katie Stevens, Douglas Booth, Suki Waterhouse, Avan Jogia, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Shay Mitchell, Darren Criss and Tyler James Williams. The film serves as the fourth and final instalment of Roth's unrelated Travel & Punishment quadrilogy, that oversees naive groups enter a different cultural environment and be set upon murderous locals and a primary antagonistic danger. The first of Roth's unrelated Travel & Punishment series his 2002 directorial debut Cabin Fever centrally inspired by Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981) & John Boorman's Deliverance (1972), his Hostel films (counted as one feature) based off of Juan López Moctezuma's House of Madness (1973) &  Alain Robbe-Grillet's L'éden et après (Eden & After 1970) and the previous 2013 The Green Inferno based primarily on Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust (1980) & Umberto Lenzi's Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly 1981).

Meg itself is based on René Cardona Jr's Tintorera... Bloody Waters (1977) and Antonio Margheriti's O Peixe Assassino (Killer Fish 1979) both shark and piranha related foreign horror pictures that followed in the wake of the global success of Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws of 1975, which Roth himself in terms of direction pays reference to. The film was shot in São Paulo and its' Favelas (Slums) in Brazil and on a studio lot at Warner Bros. studio in Burbank, California main headquarters.

The film was also distributed by Blumhouse and produced by Jason Blum making it their second collaboration with Eli Roth following Blumhouse Tilt acquiring international distribution rights to Roth's previous 2013 film The Green Inferno, to which Jason Blum served as an acting executive producer.

Meg was released theatrically on October 8th, 2017 and in select IMAX theatres on October 11th, 2017 marking the first Blumhouse horror and Eli Roth feature to be released in this high definition format. The film itself like his previous unrelated in story Travel & Punishment horror series films is portrays extreme violence and gore with social commentary. The film was a box office success and was met with mixed reviews, some positive reception from critics praising its' commentary on the eco-system, poaching, exploitation of youth, double crossing plot vices and the impressive rendering of the colossal prehistoric shark. Negative reception arose in terms of the excessive amounts of ultraviolence depicted and the supporting antagonistic piranhas plaguing the protagonist characters.


The film begins with the vicious attack of Brazilian swimmer Perella Salamone (Leticia Persiles) and disappearance of her boyfriend Arman Matia after a water attack when their timed swim laps result in the loss of a portion of the Brazilian far eastland foreshore water.

Young Brazilian born and raised Santa Cruz Environmental Studies Professor Helene Sagarra (Morena Baccarin) along with acting vice principal Millard Barton (Danny Huston) meet with local São Paulo contacts, yacht propitiating Maolo (Frank Pesce) and his two sons Oro (Rodrigo Santoro) and Celso (Bruno Campos) to contract their services in sailing with them on their yacht to São Paulo for an environmental studies school expedition. After an intense bribery from Helene they sign on with the father and his two sons for the trip. The trip comprises of Helene, Millard, head school nurse Naya Morte (Sonia Braga), school board supervisor Gregory Lane (Fran Healy) and environmental studies students: Alexandra (Katie Stevens) the timid amateur photographer, Matthew (Douglas Booth) the charismatic withdrawn student, Peyton (Suki Waterhouse) the struggling party girl, Breno (Avan Jogia) the constantly joking arts hipster, Milla (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) the bubbly nice girl conservative, Fiona (Shay Mitchell) the trust fund image obsessed overachiever, Nathaniel (Darren Criss) the linguistics geek and Cole (Tyler James Williams) the closeted gay kickboxer amongst various other students. Upon arrival São Paulo the group comes into contact with local tugboat owning scout Payer Morales (Wagner Moreau) and his crew who offer to take them up the coastline and take part in the discovery process of a new island formation. Naya while reluctant to venture off the original journey plan is overruled by Helene and Millard taking their teenage charges in tow. Before departure much strange hostility and warnings come from certain locals. Upon reaching the waters edge of this new island formation Helene and her expedition learn that Payer in conjuncture with Celso has doubled crossed them into being bait to a megalodon they hope to capture on film devouring Maolo's yacht the Mer Finim as Celso escapes with Payer and his tugboat crew and the footage. However as the Megalodon comes upon them as does a school of vicious prehistoric piranha following in it's toe and with the initial megalodon and piranha attack all of Payer's crew including Payer himself, various environmental studies students, Millard and Maolo are gruesomely killed by either devouring piranha, the catastrophic tugboat and yacht damage or the Megalodon's devour of half the tugboat. Celso is believed to be dead but remains fatally injured and unconscious aboard the remains of the tugboat and the survivors left standing are Helene, Naya, Oro, Alexandra, Matthew, Peyton, Fiona, Milla, Breno, Nathaniel and Cole are all that remains aboard the slowly sinking Mer Finim. They then begin to die one by one and two by two as the remaining characters attempt to repair the yacht damage and make course for the island ahead they cannot reach by swimming. First Breno perishes as the yacht restarts ignition briefly bringing back the megalodon and swarm of piranha, meg like Payer's tugboat begins to elongate his jaw to take half of the yacht away and in the process from the engine room withdrawal brings it's colossal teeth down upon Breno splitting his front half from his back half and breaking every level of his spine and front facing bones down till he collapses into a mess that sweeps back into the gigantic shark's mouth. Naya in her frantic attempts to save Breno despite the oncoming danger is washed over by blooding water of the sinking back half of the yacht and relatively off screen but clear to the watching and petrified Milla is devoured by piranhas leaving nothing but blood dyed encroaching water before her. Milla standing atop a desk with no escape takes Oro's gun and shoots herself in the head as the other half disappears into the ocean. The remaining group determine that rafting and hoping for the best with reaching the island is their only chance aside waiting for the inevitable rescue which becomes a conflicting argument amongst them. However by the nightfall an apparent São Paulo salvage crew arrives to rescue them, they are however discovered to not be a salvage crew at all but local poachers who intend to execute Payer and Celso's initial plan of using the group as bait, Celso at that point then reveals himself among the crew as having been picked up earlier and them being in alignment with himself from the beginning set to arrive at a specific time and not capture the monstrous ocean creature on tape but rather kill and claim its' enormous body. Oro tries to reason with his brother and against the plan of killing the megalodon, Celso brushes him aside and the group is locked away the aboard the salvage vessel minus Alexandra who is able to slip away courtesy of Matthew, Peyton and Cole. Cole and Oro attempt to launch a breakout riot against their crew which results in Cole's execution by the acting salvage boat captain via a brutal machete stabbing. Cole's body is then eviscerated and chained to the Finim's remaining half so that the Megalodon will resurface. Alexandra secretly aboard the Finim rejoined by the others makes a turpentine ocean fire sign shot off with a stolen salvage boat flare to hopefully summon help. Celso and the salvage crew fire off against the group on the Finim who take cover. The Megalodon attacks the salvage boat instead the Finim as Oro and Helene dislodge Cole's chained corpse to the water, Celso and various salvage crew abandon ship and swing for the Finim only to have leaping piranha eat them. An injured still armed Celso climbs over the side with three remaining crew and a shot hits a protruding propane tank causing Fiona to be immolated to death as Helene had abandoned Fiona at their cover. Oro, Matthew, Helene, Alexandra and Nathan are able to overcome the two men as Oro and Helene kill the supporting two men with Maolo's guns, Oro beats into his brother but finds himself still unable to kill him, an enraged Peyton bashes in Celso's head with a steel pipe distraught over Fiona's death. Following the aftermath as the group begin forming their rafts the still furious Peyton advances Helene for her part in Fiona's demise as for safety they propose feeding her propane covered, smoking corpse to the megalodon and piranha to weaken them to ensure their safety, Helene in self defence pushes Peyton to her death on a lower landing of the front yacht half and she dies on impact. As the piranha swarm her corpse Oro now wary of Helene himself like the others sprays over the exposed swarm of piranha with gasoline and a shaken Helene unable to adhere to Oro's demand of immolating them with Fiona's lighter has Alexandra do the job. The swarm dies out and the minute number of remaining killer fish flee. Meg resurfaces and the others minus Helene roll Fiona's corpse to Meg, who upon consumption flames and becomes burnt from the inside by the smoking propane indeed injuring the shark monster and retreating. As the hours pass and the rafts are complete, Alexandra, Matthew and Nathaniel are set to depart as Oro and Helene will follow. Oro instead confronts Alexandra over her actions, her part in all that has transpired and the deaths of her colleagues and students. Helene accepts her fate as a stay behind to ensure the megalodon should it return not pursue the others and instead take her. Oro as he prepares his raft instead however renders Helene unconscious and shoots himself in the leg upon lowering her into his raft. Helene joins the others as her raft sails to their distance and from afar the megalodon does return and engulfs the remaining half of the Finim with the bleeding Oro aboard. The others reach the shore and the remaining piranha cripple Nathaniel as Alexandra, Matthew and Helene succeed in killing them. Fire ahead indicates civilisation which Helene commands Alexandra and Matthew to go for as she remains with Nathaniel. Alexandra and Matthew happen upon a Brazilian island community that in term worship the megalodon and state that their demises are a result of them disturbing its' home, they are not granted refuge with them but rather a CB radio call in to the coast guard to collect them, who have already been made aware of their predicament via the Finim turpentine fire SOS. Alexandra and Matthew return to the shore as the megalodon consumes Nathaniel at the side of it's mouth tearing him away from Helene who it bites up to her torso, in her final dying moments Helene takes her lucky switchblade and stabs the megalodon in the head, Alexandra much to the horror of the village kills it via multiple gunshots to the head. A rescue helicopter with supervisor Gregory then arrives as the Brazilian islanders criticise that it is an innocent creature of the natural world, disturbed by ignorant, selfish mortals, who themselves are the real monsters. As Alexandra ponders over this collapsing in Matthew's arms aboard the helicopter she takes late notice of a Brazilian islander tribal marking indicating two megalodons and as they pass over the ocean to safety the outline of a second swims beneath.


  • Morena Baccarin as Professor Helene Sagarra
  • Danny Huston as Vice Principal Millard Barton
  • Sonia Braga as Nurse Naya Morte
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Ora Verte
  • Bruno Campos as Celso Verte
  • Katie Stevens as Alexandra Sheffield
  • Douglas Booth as Matthew Carter
  • Suki Waterhouse as Peyton Springs
  • Shay Mitchell as Fiona Gabel
  • Darren Criss as Nathaniel Portman
  • Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Milla Revenaut
  • Tyler James Williams as Cole Braunson
  • Avan Jogia as Brendan 'Breno' Whittleson
  • Wagner Moreau as Payer Morales
  • Frank Pesce as Maolo Verte
  • Lino Facioli as Cole's boyfriend Thomas
  • Thierra Di Castro Garrito as Tugboat Palo
  • Mariah Buzolin as Tugboat Incarnazion
  • Reynaldo Gianecchini as Tugboat Barr
  • Guile Branco as Tugboat Mo
  • Paollo Olievra as Village Val
  • Glenn McMillan as Salvage Captain Sero
  • Sergio Marone as Salvage San
  • Rodrigo Lombardi as Salvage Whyde
  • Alinne Moraes as Salvage Homen
  • Priscila Sol as Salvage Verma
  • Milhelm Cortaz as Salvage Vyker
  • Robert M. Rey as Salvage Guard
  • Laura Neiva as Curious Villager Mana
  • Rita Guedes as Pilot Perdita
  • Fábio Assunção as Pilot Paumon
  • Ramon Llao as Village Leader
  • Gabriela Duarte as Beautiful Dancer
  • Marcos Carusa as the São Paulo Preacher
  • Andres Garcia as the São Paulo Perve
  • Hugo Stiglitz as The São Paulo Club Owner
  • Marco Dutra as the Bouncer
  • Izabela Vidovic as Student
  • Chloe East as Student
  • Peyton Meyer as Jock Student
  • Darcy Rose Byrnes as Cheerleader student
  • Charlie Tahan as Student


  1. Mas Que Nada- Sergio Mendes
  2. Magalenha- Sergio Mendes
  3. Aquarela do Brasil- Caetano Veloso
  4. Asa Branca (Rei do Baião)- Luiz Gonzaga
  5. Aquele Abraco- Gilberto Gil
  6. Como Uma Onda- Lulu Santos
  7. Clap Your Hands- Sia
  8. Peanut Butter- Scarlet Fever (Daniel Otto Remix)
  9. Overload- Sugababes
  10. Romeo- Basement Jaxx
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