Meg: Primal Waters is the 4th Series of the Meg Flims Series, Horror Thirller flim


a Teenerger boy name Bret Crones who live with his parent and his 2 sisters, Kitty and Tashi, They Finish High School Bret sisters are going to sindney, But Bret wanna to go with his friends but he decend to go with his sisters, but his parent don't wanna go so Bret, Kitty, and Tashi go to sindney, So they go to the airport, When they on the airplane at night the 2 planes crash and land to thee open water, But the 2 planes are not going in the water, Onley 2 days, Some Survivors and Them survive the crash, But in the water there the 3rd MEGALONDON, But 2 days later they cell help but can they survive.


Andrew Garfield as Bret Crones

Emily Browning as Kitty Crones, Bret 1st Sister

Jennifer Lawrence as Tashi Crones, Bret 2nd Sister

Michael Fassbender as TBA

Michael Chiklis as TBA

Angelina Jolie as TBA

Kevin Zegers as TBA

Sharni Vinson as TBA

Travis Van Winkle as TBA

Nico Tortorella as TBA

Sara Paxton as TBA

Phoebe Tonkin as TBA


Bret Crones, Kitty Crones, Tashi Crones


(Godsmack) I Stand Alone

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