Meg is a horror thriller flim


Jones Taylor was a deep sea pliot he have a mission to go to the Trench with 2 guys. but when they go, Jones he saw something in the deep sea. he shot the thing in the deep sea. and that thing is THE MEGALONDON, but it kill the 2 guys but Jones escape. but 7 years later he a proffucer but 1 day Jones and his Wife went to the big boot to go to London, but there 2 teen girls they done Highth Schooland they have a vaction they went to the boot. but when bad things happen they try to cell help the U.S team go to rescare them. a man name Michael Maren is a U.S Military how is going to rescare the people on the big boot. but THE MEGALONDON attack the helicopter only 6 army guys survive the crash but THE MEGALONDON is attacking the big boot and the people are dying but can Jones and his group survive


Jason Statham as Jones Taylor

Natalya Rudakova as Liza Taylor, Jones Taylor Wife

Elizabeth Olsen as Ashley, Teen Girl

Holland Roden as Eve, Teen Girl

Mark Wahlberg as Michael Maren, U.S Military Member

Jean Claude Van Damme as Weaker, Vllien

Dave Bautista as Body Gurd of Weaker, Vllien

Steve Austin as Body Gurd of Weaker, Vllien

Matt Bush as TBA

Ving Rhames as TBA

Elizabeth Gillies as TBA

Jamie Chung as TBA

Megan Fox as TBA

Danielle Harris as TBA

Nick Zano as TBA

Emma Bell as TBA

Andrew Wilson as TBA

Crystal Lowe as TBA

Jean Luc Bilodeau as TBA

Eli Roth as TBA


Jones Taylor, Liza Taylor, Ashley, Eve, Michael Maren


(12 Stones) Soulfire

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