Meet the Flintstones is a 2015 American comedy film based on the classic Saturday morning cartoon The Flintstones. It was directed by Seth MacFarmale and stars Jon Favreau as well as Charlie Day, Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde, Kevin Spacey and Anne Hathaway. The score was done by David Newman.


Fred Flintstone is a family man living in the prehistoric town of Bedrock with his loving wife Wilma and daughter Pebbles. Fred works at the Slate & Co. rock quarry with his next door neighbour and best friend Barney Rubble. Barney and his wife Betty have just adopted a boy named Bamm-Bamm.

The executive vice president of the company, Chip Rockefeller, decides to swindle the company out of a fortune, but is worried about getting caught. His scheming secretary Miss Stone suggests framing someone else for the crime, so Rockefeller decides that he will use the dumbest employee the company has to offer.

Rockefeller has every employee take a test, which he claims will determine who will become the new executive. Fred does miserably and goes home depressed, wanting to provide for Wilma but fearing his will be unable to, and Barney comforts him. Fred scores the lowest in the test, so Rockefeller promotes him, much to Fred's surprise.

Rockefeller shows Fred his new office and assigns Stone to be his secretary to distract him. Fred is at first happy in his new position, until Rockefeller orders him to fire Barney. Fred is reluctant, knowing that Barney has a new child, but Rockefeller promises to fire them both if he doesn't. With great pain, Fred fires Barney, but Barney takes it surprisingly well, telling Fred that he knows that he was only doing what he had to, and is glad to have a friend like him.

Shortly thereafter, the Rubbles' financial state deteriorates to the point where they are evicted from their home and have to move in with the Flintstones. Tensions run high as Fred's job brings the family increasing wealth, while the Rubbles have nothing. Rockefeller unveils a new machine that will do all of the quarry work and increase the company's income. Fred is concerned about the current quarry operators, who will lose their jobs, and also finds himself unable to get intimate with Wilma, thinking about Stone too much.

Rockefeller eventually forces Fred to dismiss all of the quarry workers. Barney finds out and confronts Fred, spelling the end of their friendship. The Rubbles move out of the Flintstone house, leading Fred to angrily confront Rockefeller over his actions. Fearing that Fred will jeopardize his plot, Rockefeller orders Stone to seduce Fred, and she does so. Meanwhile, hoping to recapture the magic of their marriage, Wilma decides to bring Fred his lunch, and walks in on Fred nearly having sex with Stone on his desk, so she leaves him.

Taking all of the money earned by the machine, as well as the money no longer being paid to employees, Rockefeller is ready to make away with his fortune. He frames Fred for stealing the money, and he is chased through the streets of Bedrock by an angry mob. Barney, having gotten a job as a Sno-Cone man, arrives in his van and rescues Fred. They reunite with their respective families, and everybody reconciles, before setting out to stop Rockefeller and clear Fred's name.

Fred and Barney return to the quarry, where Rockefeller and Stone are about to make their escape. Rockefeller reveals that he has no more need for Stone and tries to kill her by pushing into the quarry. Fred and Barney arrive just in time to scare Rockefeller off and he tries to flee. Barney helps Stone up, and they work together to use destroy the machine. The explosion allows Fred to knock Rockefeller out.

Betty and Wilma then arrive on the scene. As the happy families rejoice, Rockefeller retrieves the money and attempts to flee, only to run into the angry mob, who had arrived to get Fred. Now revealed as the true culprit, Rockefeller is carried away by the mob (it is implied that he will be lynched) as the company head Mr Slate arrives to respond to the disturbance. Slate offers Fred Rockefeller's now vacant position, but Fred says he will accept on only one condition.

Some time later, Fred is now the vice president of the company, but shares his position with Barney. Both the Flintstones and the Rubbles now live in luxurious mansions, and work standards have greatly improved at the quarry, where all the old employees have gotten their jobs back. Stone has avoided jail time in return for cleaning the company toilets (which don't actually flush). The film ends with a family barbeque between the Flintstones and the Rubbles.


Jon Favreau - Fred Flintstone

Charlie Day - Barney Rubble

Amy Adams - Wilma Flintstone

Olivia Wilde - Betty Rubble

Kevin Spacey - Chip Rockefeller

Anne Hathaway - Miss Stone

Paul Giamatti - Mr Slate

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