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Meet Julia and Melody is a 1988 american crime comedy-drama friends film it star Bella Sana, Mia Talerico, Andrew Garfield, Danielle Panabaker with Elizabeth Banks


two young girls are best friend but Julia (Bella Sana) was have a sick with Melody (Mia Talerico) and a victim just murder Julia. Melody tries to save Julia


  • Bella Sana as Julia- 6-years-old girl and best friend Melody
  • Mia Talerico as Melody- 6-years-old girl and happy best friend Juliai
  • Danielle Panabaker as Melody Mom-her mom love Melody and Julia
  • Elizabeth Banks as Julia Mom-her mom love Julia and Melody

Enemy Victim Murder Cast

  • Barbara Crampton as Mrs. Murder Female
  • Matthew Broderick as Mr. Murder Male
  • Danielle Harris as Barbara the Killer
  • Andrew Garfield as The Boss Murder


Julia stab by The Boss Murder and the police coming and Melody cries and Julia Mom kicked Boss Murder and The Boss Murder killed her mom and Melody bashed The Boss Murder in the head and killed her. Melody cries the film last ending is Julia Mom and Julia take to the hospital

Theme Songs

  • Why I'm- Drama Music
  • My Best Friend Died (in credit)- Sad Song
  • Young Barbara- Music Sad Song