Mean Girls 5 is a other film from the Mean Girls franchise, who go to be out in 2018.


Mary a new girl in town is going to North Schore College, where she go to have much trouble sometime, because the platics will give this new girl some misery in her school year, but Mary its not a girl who is easy to bully she will tried to defeat the mean plastics.


  • Dove Cameron - Mary Parker, Young girl and new students in North Shore, who will be bullied by Plastics, and love interest interest of Carter.
  • Sofia Carson - Kendall Perkins, chief of the plastics and ex girlfriend of Carter
  • Coco Jones - Abby Keith, friends of Kendall and one of member of The Plastics.
  • Sarah Jeffery - Nina Sanchez , also friends of Kendall and Members of The Platics.
  • Trevor Jackson - Carter grayson, he's one of the most cool guy in the school, he's also the love interest of Mary and ex boyfriend of Kendall.
  • Hayley Kiyoko. Nancy Harrison, a girl who will get friend with Mary, also bullied by The Plastics.
  • Tim Meadows - Principal Ron Duvall, he's the principal of North Shore High School.
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