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Mean Girls 4 is a 2014 comedy film and the fourth film in the Mean Girls series. Starring Emma Bell, Victoria Justice, Travis Van Winkle, Indiana Evans, Shannon Elizabeth, Vanessa Hudgens, Desmond Harrington, Tim Meadows, Asher Book and Ben Thompson.


After watching the movie, "She's All That" with some friends, Georgia Richards is dared to turn a school outcast into the most popular girl in school. She finds Maggie Stewart, the school loser and befriends her to win the bet. Georgia encounters the school plastics, Kacey White, Julie Prince and Nina Alexandra Stein who begin to bully Georgia for befriending Maggie. Georgia decides to give Maggie a makeover to turn her popular and they form a girl war with the plastics to win top spot.


  • Emma Bell as Georgia Richards/The New Student at Cady, Jo and Claire's old High School who handles the New Plastics.
  • Victoria Justice as Maggie Stewart/Nerdiest girl at school who becomes Georgia's best friend.
  • Travis Van Winkle as Walter Stevens/Georgia's love interest and Kacey's ex-boyfriend.
  • Amber Heard as Kacey White/The meanest plastic and Walter's ex-girlfriend.
  • Shannon Elizabeth as Julie Prince/The meaner plastic and Kacey's personal assistant.
  • Lily Collins as Nina Alexandra Stein/The mean plastic who is slow witted and enjoys making out with random guys.
  • Desmond Harrington as David Richards/Georgia's father and a mechanic.
  • Tim Meadows as Principal Ron DuVall - Principal of North Shore High School.
  • Asher Book as Trevor Morgan/Maggie's love interest.
  • Ben Thompson as Tommy Coleman/Kacey's boyfriend.

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