Mean Girls 3 is a 2014 comedy film and the third film in the Mean Girls series Starring:Anna Kendrick,Heather Morris,Selena Gomez,Nikki Reed,Ashley Greene,Paul Wesley,Keegan Allen,michael travino,Sara Paxton,Dianna Agron,Steven R. McQueen and Lily Collins.


taylor kit (kendrick) is a young woman who comes to school candy where to be friends with Kylie (Morris), Claudete (Paxton) and Dean (McQueen) but does know the plastic that are Allison (Greene), Cece (Reed) and Quinn leader (Gomez) kit now quinn have to fight to see who is better and conquer the heart of len (Wesley)


  • Anna Kendrick As Kimberly(Kit) Taylor/The New Student at Cady High School who handles the New Plastics.
  • Selena Gomez As Quinn Kames/The meanest plastic and Joe's ex-girlfriend.
  • Nikki Reed As Cece McCuller/the half mean plastic studies and Quinn assistant
  • Ashley Greene As Allison Reed/the plastic heavy less and more horny she sleeps with every guy
  • Heather Morris As Kylie Bender/New girl at school who becomes Kit's best friend.
  • Paul Wesley As Len Gere/Kit's love interest and Quinn's ex-boyfriend.
  • Keegan Allen As Sean Watherson/Claudete's love interest
  • Michael Travino As Sam Cummings/Quinn's new boyfriend and rival of len and is secretly gay male cheerleader in love with Dean
  • Sara Paxton As Claudete Chase/another girl she is bullied by the plastic becomes friends with Kit and Kylie
  • Dianna Agron As Vanessa Chase/claudette she's raw and it will help the girls kit and the plastic end
  • Steven R. McQueen As Dean Collins/he is the gay friend and the girls kit and boyfriend Sam secret kit that will help defeat the plastic
  • Lily Collins As Carly Taylor/She is the sister of kit that is bullied by the plastic


  • Dark Side-Kelly Clarkson
  • Come And Get It-Selena Gomez

Together-Avril Lavigne(Cover by Anna Kendrick)

  • Roots Before Branches-Room for Two
  • Upside Down-A-Teens
  • Elevate-BTR
  • Fix You-ColdPlay
  • The Scientist-Coldplay
  • Somebody to love-Leighton meester
  • Dancing Queen-ABBA(Glee Version) Naya and Amber

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