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Maya's Faction are a group led by the tourist Maya Daisy in an attempt to get rid of Aphrodite's Law, which to them, plagues Paradise Island as a whole. They are inspired by the Tojitendo, and intend to create a utopia on Paradise Island where men and woman can exist on Paradise Island, even if it means brutally murdering the Amazonians on Paradise Island there to do so.



  • Erik Schwarz (1-) - the brains behind the organization.
  • Summer Gynoid (1-) - Erik's only creation.
  • Lindsay Owens (2 (cameo), 3-) - an expert infiltrator
  • Mikey Ray (4)- a super powered man that can start fires by thought, and can use the phrase "Towa Akagi" to enhance his flames.
  • Kyrie Ways (3 (cameo), 4-) - an expert at removing surveillance equipment
  • Daimaxer - a mushroom like being obsessed with AX-F and can make his allies giant.
  • Becky Hrid - a woman with purple eyes


  • Grinder - a steamroller monster (1-)
  • Slingshot Flick - an evil slingshot like monster that flings objects and hurls them at their enemies (2-)
  • Walking Scarecrow - a scarecrow that walks at 00:00. (3)
  • Electro Webber - a demonic spider that was once a resident of Paradise Island (4)
  • Troll Masher - a rock hard troll who can throw stones (5)


  • Hime Crushers (3-): created from a well pit below containing metal by Kyrie Ways. They were created with Maya's imagination of a Japanese Princess with an overly long name who is an idiot hero and wondered if they could use anything they see as a weapon. They hate being compared to the Tojitendo.