Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports is a action-thriller film, starring Victoria Justice, Taylor Lautner, Kendall Schmidt, China Ann McClain, Chandler Riggs, Caitlin Carmichael, John C. Riley, Zac Efron, Jessica Biel, Lucy Hale, J.C Brandy,


Max is faced with the task of saving the world from the Itex corporation and the evil Director , who wants to terminate all recombinant DNA life-forms and cut the population of the earth by half.

The Erasers were some of the first to be destroyed and have been replaced by the new threat: Flyboys (robotic Erasers that can fly).

Max and Fang are hiding in a cave while Fang is trying to persuade her to give up running and instead just live an easy life. Suddenly he begins stroking her hair sending tingles up Max's spine. Then at the words "I'm helping you change your mind." Fang kisses Max. It is implied Max has feelings for Fang because she said that she did not take a break to breathe.

Fang and Max go to Dr. Martinez 's house where Max gets her chip removed and tells Fang she loves him. They get stuck with the rest at the school and Jeb declares this has all been a dream. Later on they escape with the help of Ari .

Further issues arise when Max invites Ari—the single remaining Eraser—to join the group, leaving Fang and half of the flock to split off in protest, with Max the leader of one group, and Fang the leader of the second. And in the midst of all this, Max eventually finds out who her real parents are. But she is stuck at a fort, that looks like a castle, fighting a new experiment, a boy named OMEGA. Max beats off Omega (a young boy that is seemingly perfect in his looks and skills). They end up winning in the end.


  • Victoria Justice as Maximum "Max" Ride/ Max II a.k.a Maya
  • Taylor Lautner as Fang
  • Kendall Schmidt as Iggy
  • China Ann McClain as Nudge
  • Chandler Riggs as The Gasman a.k.a Gazzy
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Angel
  • John C. Riley as Jeb
  • Zac Efron as Ari
  • Jessica Biel as Dr. Valencia Martinez
  • Lucy Hale as Ella Martinez
  • J.C Brandy as Anne Walker
  • Johnny Depp as Roland ter Borcht
  • Ben Barnes as Omega
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