Maxim "Zacros" Horvath (also referred as Maxim Horvath), is a powerful wizard and a villain in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

Zacros was a powerful Merlinean sorcerer that turned to the Dark Arts for two reasons:

  1. Jealousy and revenge, after his love interest Veronica did not return his feelings and seeminly left him to die at hands of Uther Pendragon.
  2. Upholding Maxim family legacy where they dreamed to see new age of sorcerous tyranny.

Believed to be dead by the beginning of the Great War of Albion, it's revealed that he was saved by his familiar friend and faithful servant Ravage whom sealed him inside Rudimentary Restoration Crystal to keep him alive up until his revival in 20th century.

He is the counterpart of Maxim Horvath.

Personality and Traits

He has same personality with his counterpart, but whether as selfish as his counterpart or not is unclear. He also somewhat more tragic, as he became bitter toward humanity for what Uther did to his family.

Zacros id described as a menacing dark-haired magus male with a mustache and goatee in a coat, and egg-shaped face. Due to their respect with each other, Ravage's human disguse would taking form of Zacros himself.

Magic Spells


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