Mawsonia (SciiFii)
The African giant coelacanth (Mawsonia africanus) is a species of prehistoric coelacanth fish, and the largest of this group, up to 4 meters long when fully grown. It originally lived during the Cretaceous period (Albian and Cenomanian stages, about 99 to 112 million years ago) in what is now Africa and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and introduced to the modern lakes and rivers of Africa to help boost biodiversity. Unlike most other coelacanths, the African giant coelacanth is a freshwater animal instead of an oceanic animal. The African giant coelacanth is a nocturnal piscivorous drift-hunter that primarily feeds on fish much smaller than itself. The African giant coelacanth's body is covered in cosmoid scales that act as armor against any potential predators, except the African tiamat, which can sometimes hunt African giant coelacanths and break through the fish's scales with its claws and teeth. The African giant coelacanth is a solitary animal in most of its life, except during breeding seasons, when shoals of these fish congregate and males try to find females to mate with. The conservation status of the African giant coelacanth is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts and the African giant coelacanth's wide range.
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