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welcome to maurice: more than what meets the eye this is about maurice the orangutan and how he goes through an adventure to meet demangelo, king of monkeys.

do not steal chapter 1

maurice awakes ok he then goes to the kitchen which in kitchen to eat NOTHING nothing in frig mad he goes to store buy juice and grapes satisfied he eats them at home happy oragutan ready for adventure 

jesus chapter 2

big big boy maurice man walk swing through trees but drop down stupid maurice maurice fight the salaak he wins but then he loses to the laakman he falls in the world underworld guy necro kick maurice fat booty up back the earth but accident kill mauriceboy rip

If you steal this, I'll fucking bodybag you Chapter 3

tremor revive the mauriceman yeah salaak then gets his booty top up to the ground and he tries to fight ONE MORE one more time and but he gone ok maurice say hah yeh maurice then swing through forest jungle amazon desert but falled on noob sibbot hed noob say "what man did" maurice kick sibbot kill


maurice notice the lady pretty the "ey bebby" bebby him ignore to the moon and he mad get furious go to moon find lady kill dead he but bad moon ogre shrekker say "NO BOY NO am shrek swamp out you" boy shrekker slap maurice titty off moon


nigga turtles join adventure fight help with maurice "GUY GUY" he mad turtles lick his nipples NO NO permission kicks them out of group turtles die and it is because of the cause the no water drink DRINK IT UP

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haha look do sekrit nigga turtle boy cameo sekrit char dont steal he cum l8r


mad devil nigga fat boy BITCH FUCKING CUNT rat splinter got the peepee madd he say "maurice big shit in the head bitch" maurice say "faggot" kick splinter dick up nose head splinter dead as a motherfucker ol' stinky bitch ass nigga

maurice make rocket ship with splinter bones guts he say "adventure time" go go go mars yeah?

se7en (steal i dare you)

maurice is seen walking the home with nigga prince then they be attacked OH NO bog fight them nowhere then he beats up nigga prince maurice hits gone bog he dies soon later then heals nigga prince go home and eat

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