Matthew "Matty" Ebanks (1990-2019).

Other Film Roles

  • Stan (Alex Cross film)
  • Punisher|/Lee Kingman
  • Jimmy Randall (Phantom 2015 film)
  • Yan Naing Lee (reboot Rush Hour films)
  • Kris Van Damme
  • William Curtis (Sequel film)
  • Thomas Oliver (reboot film)
  • Matt Russo (Kung Fu Retreat film)
  • Jon Tyson/Brett Conrad
  • Church
  • Darren Randall (Disconnect Movie, posthumous release)
  • Miller (Killed Butterfly)
  • Leonardo Willis (Drive Draft film)
  • (Posthumous releases Roles).
  • Benson (Posthumous release) [Game of Death Video 2011 film]
  • Dr. Brandt (Doc Savage) (posthumous release)

Other Television Role(s)

  • Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible 2011 TV series)
  • the shadow (The Shadow tv series)
  • Ravi Shaw/Blue Beast Charge Ranger (TV series Power Rangers)
  • Robert (Kill Bill TV series)
  • James Randall (Phantom reboot TV series) his son plays as Jimmy Randall Jr.;


Matthew farted from Harrison Ford he's adopted uncle in a carpet.


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