Matthew's Orphans is a 1931 American animated short film produced by Michael Shires Productions and released by Paramount Pictures. The cartoon takes place during Christmas time and stars Matthew Mouse, Michelle Mouse, and Dluto, who take in a group of disruptive kittens. It is directed by Bert Gilbert and features the voices of Roy O. Shires as Matthew and Sarah Shires as Michelle.


A hooded figure walks past a church on a snowy night carrying a covered basket. The Christmas carol "Silent Night" is heard coming from the church, setting the time of year. The figure then approaches Matthew Mouse's house and peeks in the window: Matthew is playing "Silent Night" on an organ, Matthew is decorating a Christmas tree, and Dluto is peacefully sleeping by the fire. The figure then leaves the basket on Matthew's doorstep, rings the bell, and walks away.

Dluto carries the basket inside and discovers it is loaded with kittens, evidently orphaned. Matthew and Michelle are at first charmed by the kittens, but the kittens soon prove to be a nuisance. Nevertheless, Matthew and Michelle are determined to make the kittens welcome. Matthew leaves the room momentarily and soon returns dressed as Santa Claus with a bag full of toys. The kittens remove the contents, the majority of which are various implements of destruction such as saws, hammers, and toy weapons. The kittens go to work and destroy the piano and other furniture. Finally Matthew and Michelle reveal their Christmas tree, but the kittens remove all the decorations and foliage.


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