Masters of the Universe is a 2015 live-action adaptation of the classic animated series and toy-line.


When the evil lord Skeletor is resurrected by the enchantress Evil-Lynn, he sets out to conquer the planet of Eternia by stealing the Sword of Power from Castle Grayskull.


  • Liam Hemsworth as Prince Adam/He-Man
  • Russell Crowe as King Randolph
  • Alexa Davelos as Teela
  • Ron Perlman as Duncan/Man At Arms
  • Josh Helman as Krass/Ram Man
  • Hugo Weaving as Skeletor
  • Kate Beckinsale as Evil-Lyn
  • Tyler Mane as Beast Man
  • Derek Mears as Trapjaw
  • Morris Chestnut as Spikor
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