Marvel vs. Capcom is a team-based fighting game, and is the fourth game in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Instead of a number or a subtitle, this game is simply titled "Marvel vs. Capcom".


After the defeat of Ultron Sigma, and the merging of the two universes, there have been nothing but peace. That is until a new villain threatens the world. Ultron and Sigma return to aid the evil Victor von Doom and Dr. Wily. The heroes from both worlds must join together again to beat this new foe.


The roster in this game consists of many characters featured in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, along with characters never-before-seen in a Marvel vs. Capcom game. The characters is gold are DLC. There are 70 characters in the base game and 76

Roster List.png

with DLC.

Marvel Capcom
Iron Man Ryu
Captain America Chris Redfield
Thor Morrigan
Spider-Man Dante
Hulk Viewtiful Joe
Hawkeye Amaterasu
Wolverine Chun-Li
Phoenix Tron Bonne
Magneto X
Storm Zero
Doctor Doom Spencer
Ultron Albert Wesker
Shuma-Gorath Sir Arthur
Deadpool Mike Haggar
Doctor Strange Felicia
Dormammu Akuma
Nova Hsien-Ko
Ghost Rider Jill Valentine
Iron Fist Trish
Rocket Raccoon Nemesis T-Type
Black Panther Vergil
Venom Frank West
Black Widow Firebrand
Blade Strider Hiryu
Doctor Octopus Phoenix Wright
Sabretooth Sigma
Mister Negative Axl
Star-Lord M. Bison
Mr. Fantastic Jedah
The Thing Ken
Super-Skrull Dr. Wily
Loki Crimson Viper
Green Goblin Demitri Maximoff
Quicksilver PTX-40A
Ant-Man G-Birkin
Moon Knight (DLC) Bass (DLC)
Human Torch (DLC) Nero (DLC)
X-23 (DLC) Tyrant T-002 (DLC)

Infinity Stone Powers

The Infinity Stones return in this game. They have been slightly buffed since the last game, but retain the same powers.

Infinity Stone Infinity Surge Infinity Storm
Space Stone Pulls the enemy closer to you, while dealing damage. Traps the enemy in a box that eats

away at their health.

Time Stone Quickly transports you to the opposite side of the


Slows down time, allowing you to

continuously attack the enemy.

Soul Stone Takes away the enemy's health, while adding to


Revives your fallen teammates,

who join you in attacking for a

short time.

Mind Stone Traps the enemy in a bubble that confuses them. Quickly fills up your Hyper Gauge.
Power Stone Releases a surge of power that deals heavy damage. Powers up all your attacks to

knock the enemy back.

Reality Stone Summons a random element ranging from fire, ice,

rock, forest, metal, and lightning.

Summons more powerful elements

depending on the attack.


Many of the stages return from past games. No new stages have been added, but we make up for that with the large number of stages.

Name Picture
Avengers Headquarters
Avengers Headquarters.png
Cliff of Desolation
Cliff of Desolation.png
Neo St. Petersburg
Neo St. Petersburg
Honda's Bathhouse
Honda's Bathhouse.png
Dr. Wily's Military Base
Dr. Wily's Military Base
Daily Bugle Rooftop
Daily Bugle Rooftop.png
Temple of Abyss
Temple of Abyss.png
Metro City
Metro City.png
Tricell Laboratory
Tricell Laboratory.png
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
Danger Room
Danger Room.png
Demon Village
Demon Village.png
Kattelox Island
Kattelox Island.png
The Daily Bugle
The Daily Bugle.png
Bonne Wonderland
Bonne Wonderland.png
S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Show
S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Show
Chaos at Tricell
Chaos at Tricell.png
Asgard: Sea of Space
Asgard- Sea of Space.png
City That Never Sleeps
City That Never Sleeps.png
Days of Future Past
Days of Future Past.png
Demon Village Redux
Demon Village Redux.png
New Metro City-Downtown
New Metro City-Crossroads
Avengers Tower-Briefing Room
Briefing Room.png
Avengers Tower-Lab
Dark Kingdom-Heart of Chaos
Heart of Chaos.png
Dark Kingdom-Wastelands
Abel City-Sigma's Lab
Sigma's Lab.png
A.I.M.BRELLA-Control Room
Control Room.png
Knowmoon-Gravitron Core
Gravitron Core.png
Xgard-Bifrost Bridge
Bifrost Bridge.png
Xgard-Throne Room
Throne Room.png
Xgard-Underground Prison
Underground Prison.png
Ultron Omega Arena
Ultron Omega Arena.png


  • Story Mode: Team up, and defeat an evil threat to both universes.
  • Vs. Mode: Pair up in teams of 3 and defeat the enemy.
    • Arcade Mode: Travel throughout the world, defeating enemies in hopes of saving the universe.
    • Adventure Mode: Select a character and adventure through both universes in order to get to the end. Each character has their own ending.


This game has been remastered under the name Marvel vs. Capcom: Apocalypse. This new version includes the DLC for free, 8 new characters, and 4 new stages, along with a new story.

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