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The Marvel TV Universe is an ongoing television series running from 2008 to present based on Marvel Comics, focusing on one or two or three heroes in a season that first formed the promoted "Avengers Initiative" beginning with Iron Man, who was an obscure character but became popular thanks to the show and also included Marvel's past well-known property, the Hulk. The Iron Man//Hulk were released in timeline order.

Season 2 had included Iron Man solely following Season 1's success. Then, to continue they had Thor, Captain America, and finally Season 5, the "Avenger season".

They then decided to continue Hulk's season in 2013, followed by Iron Man and once again Thor. A year later Season 7 had once again focused on Captain America and then debuted the Guardians of the Galaxy before Season 8 had re-assembled the Avengers.

Season 9, Ant-Man, had focused on Hank Pym back in the day before having the lead role taken over by Scott Lang in modern times.

Since then, the show currently has 12 Seasons.

Season 1 (2008)


  • Edward Norton (Bruce Banner)
  • Lou Ferrigno (Hulk's voice, Security Guard)
  • Liv Tyler (Betty Ross)
  • William Hurt (Thaddeus Ross)
  • Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man)
  • Terrence Howard (James Rhodes)
  • Leslie Bibb (Pepper Potts)
  • Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan)
  • Jeff Bridges (Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger)
  • Tim Roth (Emil Blonsky/Abomination)
  • Adrian Pasdar (Glenn Talbot)
  • Ty Simpkins (Rick Jones)
  • Shaun Toub (Yinsen)
  • Farin Tahir (Raza)
  • Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson)
  • Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
  • Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton/Hawkeye)
  • Tim Blake Nelson (Samuel Sterns/The Leader)
  • Paul Bettany (J.A.R.V.I.S.'s voice)
  • Hugh Jackman (Logan Howlett/Wolverine)


After WWII, in 2004, the military is planning to recreate the Super Soldier Serum that gave birth to the hero Captain America. The scientists on the job are Bruce Banner, Betty Ross, and Samuel Sterns. During the test, which involves Gamma Radiation, a kid is driving in a car recklessly whom Bruce is worrying about and drives out and saves. The boy, named Rick Jones, explains he's been studying the military and their ways to help the world after his parents were killed and has got his driving license very recently thus he is not a driving that good.

Bruce puts him to safety before continuing the Gamma Test, testing the serum surprising Betty how her boyfriend is very confident this time. But during the test, Banner is transformed into a green monster dubbed the "Hulk", which has no intellect or mind of Banner's, thus it attacks anyone in it's way, apparently killing Sterns and Thaddeus Ross, Betty's father and military general, protects Betty from getting killed though she is greatly harmed with Thaddeus intending to put Bruce into military prison for what he's done. Banner does not remember that he turned into the Hulk, thus being very confused. Rick comes in and grabs his gun to shoot the guards putting Banner into prison.

Bruce asks Rick why he wants to help him, with Jones saying Bruce is a hero and cannot lose someone like that after his parents, and that Banner does not know what happened and also went to college with the famous Tony Stark. Bruce gets into Rick's car and they drive off into a desert, into the very end where Bruce claims he will most likely die here as it is also the only safe place for him. [1]

Back at base, Ross wants to know Banner's location. While Betty recovers, her father gives her a new boyfriend; Glenn Talbot. While there is a plan for the two to marry, Thaddeus is offered by his soldiers to use an atomic bomb to destroy Banner. Betty doesn't want this to happen claiming Bruce may not remember about transforming into the Hulk though her father orders the bomb anyways. In the desert, the military finds Bruce and drops the atomic bomb on him.

As he watches it, he remembers him turning into Hulk before pushing Jones out of the way and getting hit by the bomb. As the soldiers cheer, Hulk emerges from the ground and attacks them. A soldier fires a bazooka though Hulk dodges the attack, killing the other soldiers instead before he then grabs the soldier holding the bazooka. Rick then turns Hulk back into Banner and they jump into the car before driving off. It then cuts to one year later, where Ross is attempting to find Banner. [2]

At Stark Enterprises, CEO Tony Stark is met by the military as they want him to build a weapon to take care of the Hulk. Stark asks who that is and they explain it is his former classmate Bruce Banner. Tony is unsure whether or not he should build something that will hurt Bruce and the Hulk being uncontrollable is like the times his weapons have been. However the military demands a weapon from Stark. Thus, he builds the Stark Sonic Canon which can take good care without possibly destroying Hulk. [3]

It is now 2006, a year after the previous episode's ending. Due to travelling for a long time, the car runs out of gas forcing them to head to a gas station to fuel up the car. As they walk in, they find Thaddeus has also arrived and they hide inside the place. As Ross arrives to the cashier, he asks if he's seen a tall man with a kid, but he denies their location. Ross pulls up a gun at the cashier but he disarms Ross and takes his gun, shooting him unconscious. It is then revealed the cashier helped them hide and they get out once Bruce finally pays and thanks the man. They get into the car but the cashier pauses them, telling them that they should probably head to Canada to live normal. Bruce gets into the car telling Rick to go to Canada. Rick says he doesn't know how to, but once Rick can go to the most, Bruce will take care of that by transforming into Hulk and going there. They drive off and Rick listens to Bruce's words, and so he changes into Hulk and brings Rick to Canada, holding the car as well. He runs all the way to Canada using his superspeed before turning Bruce back into the Hulk. [4]

After that, Bruce is forced to immigrate and uses the alias "David Banner", which was the name of his father who had abused him, telling the story to Rick. Jones feels bad for him as soon Bruce immigrates before asking Rick to give him his gun. Rick hands him the gun, and asks why he needs it. Banner remembers how he nearly killed Betty in Hulk form and is about to pull the trigger even remembering his terrible childhood memories. Rick tries to stop him but is pushed off the mountain Banner is on, and he shoots himself but transforms into Hulk and spits out the bullet, crushing the gun. Hulk breaks the mountains which throws him off and a person. As Hulk is unconscious, he transforms back before leaving, and the person is revealed to be Wolverine, who overhears Jones' and Banner's conversation, before saying "Back to Japan, baby." [5]

Bruce Banner is spotted in Japan, where he hides in an alley. He waits as Rick is inside his car behind the wheel. After that as he prepares to walk towards something in the alley, he pushed to the wall by Wolverine, who uses his Adantanium claws to impale Banner, who is crying from the pain before asking Wolverine who he is. He claims his name is Logan before lifting Bruce and dragging him in an attempt to kill him. Logan tells how he's been to Japan before and has arrived to stop Banner from destroying Canada. Bruce tells it's an accident, before transforming into Hulk who ignores how his stomach been stabbed and scratched, attacking him. Wolverine is then hit by Rick's car, but he survives and begins ripping the car with his claws. Hulk grabs the car and thows it at Logan, damaging the car with Rick injured. As Hulk walks over to the car, seeing Rick injured turns him back into Banner, and he begins sobbing over what he did to his own friend, shouting how he's a monster. Rick's right leg is injured and a little wounded thus he cannot move it properly so he can't exactly push the petal but is doing his best. Rick walks out and comes out of the car with Wolverine, stuck, asks Rick to free him but Rick ingoners him and attempts to calm down Banner before he is able to transform. They take the car to somewhere to repair it, leaving Wolverine in the alley. [6]

Three years later, Tony Stark is presenting the Jericho missile, his latest weapon.


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