Marvel Origins: Elektra is a 2015 American superhero film based on the Marvel comics character Elektra. It is a remake of the 2005 film Elektra and is a prequel to the 2013 film Daredevil: Man Without Fear.


The film's opening focuses on Elektra Nachios, a young woman who has left home to travel the world. She meets an old blind man known only as Stick, who takes her under his wing and trains her in martial arts. As her training nears completion, however, a crime syndicate of ninja mercenaries known as the Hand assassinates Stick. Elektra swears revenge and uses her training to become an assassin herself.

Elektra's agent informs her of an offer from an anonymous client. The payment is unusually high, but there is one condition. Elektra must stay a few days on an island before the targets arrive. 

While staying on the island, Elektra meets a young girl named Abby Miller and her father, Mark. They ask her to join them for dinner, which she accepts. She gains a friendship with Abby, and a romantic interest in Mark. Elektra soon comes to a horrifying realisation, however; Abby and Mark are her targets. She refuses to kill them, and in turn must protect them from a group of rival assassins who arrive to kill them instead. Elektra recognizes the fighting style and other familiarities lead her to deduce that these assassins are members of the Hand.

Roshi, the boss of the Hand, is disgraced by the failure. He offers his son Kirigi the chance to prove himelf by hunting Elektra down. Kirigi leads a small group of mercenaries, consisting of Stone, Kinkou, Tattoo and Typhoid Mary. Elektra takes the Millers and they retreat to McCabe's country house. Shortly thereafter, Kirigi's gang arrives and invades the house. McCabe creates a diversion and allows the others to escape, sacrificing himself in the process.

While hiding in the nearby forest, Elektra, Abby and Mark find themselves brought into another confrontation with the Hand. Elektra tricks Stone into knocking down a tree, which falls on top of him and crushes him. Mark desperately tries to protect Abby from Kinkou, forcing Abby to reveal her martial arts skills. The two then manage to defeat Kinkou by stabbing him with one of his own daggers. In spite of this small victory, the group is still overwhlemed. Suddenly, rescue arrives in the form of the Chaste ninjas. However, while they save Elektra and Mark, Abby is captured by Kirigi.

At their hideout, the Chaste ninjas explain that they were trained by Stick before his death and they have been seeking to avenge him ever since. They also followed Elektra's progress. They reveal that Abby is in fact a martial arts prodigy, who the Hand seeks to exploit. The group admits to setting the island scenario by calling McCabe, as it was a test of Elektra's character. They then reveal that they have pinpointed the Hand's base, and are preparing to attack.

Elektra leads the assault on the Hand, hoping to rescue Abby and avenge Stick. Tattoo enters a trance so that he can control animals, but this prevents him from physically defending himself, which allows Elektra to break his neck. Kirigi gainst he upper hand in a fight with Elektra but Abby jumps in and attacks him before he can kill Elektra. Working together, Elektra and Abby are able to defeat Kirigi by stabbing him in the chest and kicking him into a pit.

Typhoid, who is insane, tries to kill Abby, using a poisonous kiss to kill Roshi when he tries to intervene. Elektra pursues Typhoid into a hedge maze outside, where Typhoid mocks Elektra for her failure to save Abby. Suddenly, Elektra throws a sai dagger through a hedge and kills Typhoid, saving Abby.

With Stick avenged, Elektra informs the Chaste ninjas and the Millers that she has decided to head for New York to try and reconcile with her own father, leading into the events of the Daredevil movie.


Eva Green - Elektra Nachios

Nathan Fillion - Mark Miller

Bella Thorne - Abby Miller

Jet Li - Roshi 

Byung-hun Lee - Kirigi

Lena Headey - Typhoid Mary

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