Marvel's Castle Action, Crime, Thriller, Television Series starring by Arley Swaby..,,,


  • Arley R. Swaby as Bruce Banner/Hulk (cameo)..,,,
  • Erickson Brown as Victor (Episode-90)..,,, Frank's Cousin.
  • Taylor Belford as Frank Castle/Punisher (Episode-90)..,,, Frank's son and Ernesto's long lost father.
  • Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo as Frank Castle Sr. (cameo)..,,, Frank's Son.
  • Terry Pennyworth as Señor Ernesto Cartwell (Episode-90)..,,, Vic's Step-Son and Frank's Long Lost Son.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Sgt. Jack (villain)..,,, Frank's former partner and enemy.
  • Unknown Actor as Will Castle (cameo; audio call)..,,, Frank's son.
  • Lewin Solomon Jr. as Peter Parker (uncredited)..,,,
  • Erick Brian as, Jasper (Episode, 2)..,,, Frank's friend.
  • Ashley Rankin as Dr. Feilcity Hardy (episode-2)..,,, Meets Frank his friend.
  • Unknown Picture Mentioned Actor as Miles Morales (cameo; unseen)..,,
  • Joshua Rush Pennyworth as Daniel Rand (unseen picture)..,,,
  • Nolberto Swaby as Danny Frank (cameo appearance)..,,, Jasper Sr's Father and Jasper Jr's Grandfather.
  • Penny McDowall as Dt. Aisha Davis (Episode-54)..,,, Miles's By Blood-Aunt.
  • Erbin Swaby Rivers as Dr. Walter Richards (Episode-25)..,,, Reed's paternal-grandfather.
  • John Henkis as Edward Brock, Jr. (cameo; unseen)..,, Frank's friend and he saw Brody (Red Ranger) on image.
  • Daunys Hernandez as Billy Russo/Jigsaw/'Bill' (uncredited)..,, Frank's Best Friend.
  • Boliche Mya as Frankie Russo/Big Russo (villain), Frank's Enemy, Billy's half-cousin, friend-like-brother.
  • Dailet Aquilar as Lisa (uncredited) Frank's Daughter and Billy's Niece.
  • Anthony Miguel Diaz as Frankie/Lim Looney Frankie (rumored)..,,, Billy's Brother.
  • Pedro Hernandez Ballester as Howard Stark (Uncredited)
Marvel's Castle (TV Series)
Genre Action,




Created by Stan Lee (Creator)
Starring Arley Swaby (cameo)

Taylor Belford

Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo

Jasser Camacho

Erickson Brown
Erick Brian

Opening Theme Marvel's Castle/Theme Song
Location Cuba, Havana

Los Angeles, California

Puerto Rico, San Juan (destroyed place in earthquake news tv)

Country Of Origin California
Number Of Episodes Marvel's Castle (TV Series)/Lists of Episodes
Running Time {{{Running Time}}}
Original Channel: CW

Netflix (U.S)

Original Air Date June 15, 2017
Produced by Matt Reeves (producer)

Stan Lee (co-producer/comic book by)

Directed by Chloe Walter (director)
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