Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is a 2013 American Superhero Action film written by Phillipa Boyens & David Benioff and directed by Alex Kurtzman starring Luke Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell, Chace Crawford, Paula Patton, Hugh Dancy, Jason Sudeikis, Scott Speedman, Carla Gugino and Mackenzie Foy.

The film is based off the popular DC comics superhero of the same name and is slated for theatrical release on November 12th, 2013.

Filming is set for Vancouver, Manhattan, Los Angeles and Wyoming.

The film will be co-produced by Jonathen Nolan and David S. Goyer and distributed by Nolan's Syncopy, Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Pictures.


On the planet Ma'aleca'andra, two Green Martian twins are born which causes an uproar of celebration among the Martian civillians of the planet Ma'aleca'andra.

The twins are named J'onn and Ma'alefa'ak and are raised into love and wealth.

However upon reaching adulthood Ma'alefa'ak becomes corrupt by the planet's dark power source and ultimatley releases a dormant plage which consumes all but him and his brother on the planet.

J'onn escapes Ma'aleca'andra via his parents in their last waking moments whilest Ma'alefa'ak is saved by an evil opposite planet White Martian S'kaa M'axx who convinces him he has been betrayed by his parents in favor of his brother.

J'onn comes to be released to the Planet Earth where he is able to take a human form and assumes the identity of John Jones in the city of Philadelphia as he comes under the care of a lonely apartment manager Mary-Beth Jones, a mortal woman struggling with the death of her husband and only child.

He comes to adjust to human life taking up a job first as a janitor for a local high school where he meets an enigmatic youth Ronnie Raymond, and then moving on up to become an advertising agent where he comes to fall for a beautiful secretary Margaret Morris.

John however knows in the back os his mind the day will come when he will have to abandon his human form and face his true destiny which will be battling the horrible plague which decimated his planet and own kind.

John's destiny arrives a little all to soon however as Middleton High School senior Ronnie turns out to be imbued with the powers of his people and has control over the element of fire.

As he begins a sordid relationship with Margaret he discovers she is indeed actually a Martian from his home planet who escaped because of her parents and has been secretly watching over him all this time believing it will be their shared destiny to destroy the plague which consumed their planet.

Mary-Beth welcomes new tenants to the apartment building after John moves in with Margaret at her mansion, a single bereaved mother Sara Quantum who possesses a telepathic daughter Jenny who like Ronnie is imbued with the powers of the Green Martians, and two shady men Malcolm Jones and Maxwell Scar.

It is revealed that the White Martians were behind the decimation of the Green Martian home planet having placed the dormant plague there and are planning on decimating Earth next as it contains the surviving Green Martians and their mortal descendants.

The mortal descendants are revealed as being Ronnie and little Jenny whom Martian and Margaret/Miss Martian team up to save with some fellow alien visitors from Martian's evil twin brother and the White Martian.


  • Luke Hemsworth as Martian Manhunter/ John Jones / J'onn J'onzz
  • Bradley Cooper as Malefic/ Malcolm Jones / Ma'alefa'ak J'onzz
  • Kristen Bell as Miss Martian/ Margaret Morris / M'gann M'orzz
  • Chace Crawford as Firestorm/ Ronnie Raymond
  • Paula Patton as Mary-Beth Jones
  • Hugh Dancy as Kyle Bretwurst
  • Jason Sudeikis as Larry Gomez
  • Scott Speedman as Captain Julian Carmichael
  • Carla Gugino as Sara Quantum
  • Mackenzie Foy as Jenny Quantum
  • Sharlto Cropley as White Martian/ S'kaa M'axx/ Maxwell Scar
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