after years of being off the air marsupilami opens up a hotel in the jungle and hires some other animated characters to work there

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brian and stewie's credit scenes

episode 1

brian: you know that was pretty good actually

stewie: yeah i mean i was worried the show would completely butcher marsupilami for us but turns out this show is actually kinda fun

brian: yeah the show practically writes itself

stewie: yeah we might have to come over sometime

brian: sure why not i mean peter and lois made a cameo in drawn together

stewie: yeah but what are the chances we'll guest star

brian: i guess if our crew wants and they're crew want it to happen

both: when is the next episode?

episode 2

brian: that was nice

stewie: yeah there were lots of emotional scenes in there nice to see the banana splits getting the respect they deserve

brian: yeah and harmony and snorky are kinda like jack skellington and sally in a way

stewie: yeah it's a nice episode

episode 3

*Both are seen crying*

brian: oh man that was amazing

stewie: yeah that musical number though it was touching the part where roger started it was truly wholesome

brian: yeah and the part with roger's fingerprints that is not what fingerprints look like that is love

*Both crying and hugging*

episode 4

brian: now that is nice

stewie: yeah that just goes to show we can all get along

brian: yeah that's a wholesome lesson right there

stewie: yep good quality entertainment

brian: yeah

*they pause*

brian: you wanna call the simpsons and see how they are doing?

stewie: yeah i'd like that

*they call them*

stewie: hey homer we just wanted to check on how your doing no fox still hasn't released a trailer for when you visit us yet i know right i mean how damn long is it gonna take? hey homer you uh wanna have your family hang out with us sometime? oh cool krusty burger sound good okay i'll see you then okay bye homer we're gonna make some time *hangs up* you know they're actually quite nice

brian: yeah so what do we do now?

stewie: i guess we just wait till it fades to black *it does so* okay we can go now

episode 5

brian: aw that was so cute

stewie: yeah baby yoda was like kevin mccallister from home alone you know before the whole druggie


brian: yeah

*dramatic pause*

brian: so you uh wanna watch the madalorian on disney plus

stewie: hell yeah!

episode 6

stewie: well that was...something

brian: yeah i can't believe the killer was the janitor it's a classic scooby doo twist

stewie: yeah so you ever think donnie will come back

brian: only time will tell

episode 7

stewie: you know brian each new episode introduced us to a new character

brian: yeah every new episode we see a new character hired

stewie: so any predictions on what will happen next?

brian: well anything is possible stewie i guess we will have to wait for the next episode

stewie: yeah your right

episode 8

brian; wow i never knew that almost happened to him

stewie: yeah that was almost like a creepypasta

brian: poor guy i'm glad he survived

stewie: yeah rape is never funny

episode 9

brian: huh that was kinda a crossover

stewie: yeah who knew that would happen *turns to to viewers* everyone cause adult swim ruined it in the promos

brian: peter did it first

stewie: shut up!

episode 10

brian: wow for a parody episode it was actually pretty good

stewie: yeah and those animatronics just wanted to go to the afterlife you know brian i think we learned

a lesson

walt disney's ghost : the valuable lesson is don't judge a person by it's cover olay me off keyboard cat

*keyboard cat's ghost plays walt disney off while he dances*

brian: well that was random

episode 11

stewie: you know brian i might want to open a hotel soon

brian: like the hotel we stayed in that one episode

stewie: exactly i'm just glad everything worked out in the end

brian; yeah me too

*long pause*

brian: so you ever think we'll get to meet the gang

stewie: maybe depends if the creator wants us to meet them

episode 12

brian: aww that's nice that's a nice reunion

stewie: yeah reminds me of all the times we've had

brian: yeah let's sing the rhode island song

both (singing): we're on our way to rhode island

*fades to black*

brian: aw come on!

stewie: you gotta be fucking kidding me

episode 13

brian: huh who knew he had a sister

stewie: well brian you gotta extend the family somehow

brian: well you got a point there stewie

stewie: yeah we do that alot on our show

episode 14

brian: heheh classic garfield right there

stewie: yeah how long do you think he will stay

brian: i think he's a permanent character

stewie: oh well that makes sense i mean they are room service

episode 15

brian: wow that episode was deep

stewie: yeah kinda makes you get all touchy feely inside you know brian this is kinda like the rose quartz episode

brian: I agree stewie


marsupilami (rob paulson)-he is a forgotten disney characters who opens up a hotel in the jungle he lives in

marsupilamie (tara strong)- marsupilamie is marsupilami's wife and supports him when times are tough

roger rabbit (Jess harnell)-he is the popular rabbit from disney who hangs out with other toons he preforms at maesupilami's hotel but is kinda an alcoholic but he still cares for everyone

jessica rabbit (andrea libdeman)-roger rabbit's hot wife she preforms at marsupilami's hotel and is a great singer and dancer

the banana splits(jim cummings,eric bauza,weird al yankovich,and tania sorina's videos)-the band of wacky bubblegum pop singing animals they preform as the hotel's house band ever since the horror movie ruined they're reputations

the burger king (fabio di micelli)-the mascot for burger king he still works at burger king and is kinda crazy but works as the hotels cook

ronald mcdonald (joshua krasinski)-the burger king's friendly rival he serves as the cook with the burger king

brian and stewie griffin (seth mcfarlane)-they serve as a duo who talk about today's show with each other like the rat and snake in fish hooks

baby yoda (seth green)-he starts out as marsupilami's adopted son therefore he now randomly appears in the hotel the mystery inc gang (same as mystery incorporated)-the gang of teenage detectives and a talking dog they solve the murdere of scrooge mcduck and will often make cameos in other episodes

magilla gorilla-a returning character from harvey birdman he owns all the sex rooms

harvey birdman (micheal cole)-a lawyer from harvey birdman attorney at law he often visits

rattus rattus (Scott Brooker )-he serves as the security guard and is also a friend of the banana splits

rick and morty (same as the show)-they serve as random guests

shrek (mike meyers)-he is marsupilami's manager

donkey (eddie murphey)-he is shrek's friends

puss in boots (antonio banderas)-he is shrek's spanish speaking cat friend

marsalina (tara strong)-she is marsupilami's sister who has a habit of getting drunk

garfield (same as the garfield show)-he is the lovable fat orange cat who works as room service at marsupilami's hotel

arlene (same as the garfield show)-a stray pink cat who is garfield's girlfriend she works as room service

odie-he speaks in barks and is garfield's friend who he kicks off the table he works as room service

nermal (same as the garfield show)-an annoyance to garfield he claims to be the world's cutest kitty

timon and pummba (seth green and ryan reynolds)-the iconic duo from the lion king movies they are alwys causing trouble

season 1

  1. Where Are they now marsupilami-In the pilot episode we see what happened to marsupilami and how he opened a hotel in the jungle
  2. The house band-the banana splits are hired for marsupilami's hotel but can they be loved again after the horror movie?
  3. the rabbits-roger and jessica are hired for marsupilami's hotel
  4. the cooks-the burger king and ronald mcdonald are hired as cooks for the hotel
  5. the baby yoda-baby yoda becomes marsupilami's adopted son but he turns his life upside down
  6. the murder-resident millionaire scrooge mcduck has been murdered the scooby doo gang is hired to solve it
  7. the smurf waitress-smurfette is hired as a waitress but can she handle the large objects
  8. the sex rooms-marsupilami narrates how he nearly got raped by magila gorilla
  9. Harvey's visit-harvey tells the story of his visit
  10. FIve nights at the jungle hotel-in a parody of five nights at freddy's it reveals the hotel was built over an old children's pizza place and the animatronics are back to seek vegeance so rattus rattus tries to keep an eye on them
  11. Health Inspection-marsupilami is stressed as his manager shrek has come in for inspection but that might be hard as rick and morty have booked some nights
  12. maurice returns-marsupilami's friend maurice spends a day at the hotel but causes a mess
  13. Marsupilami's sister-marsupilami's sister marsalina visits but she has a habit of getting drunk
  14. Garfield the guest-garfield is a guest at marsupilami's hotel as well as his friends hilarity ensues
  15. The Funeral-Marsupilami attends the funeral of his dad but realizes he held secrets from him

season 2

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