Mark of the Wolfman is the first film in a reboot horror film series of Paul Naschy's werewolf films.


After seeing a black wolf on his grounds several nights in a row, Count Walter Delamare decides to kill it to rid himself of the problem. He tries to shoot it, but only wounds it and is forced to chase it across his estate, eventually cornering it and bludgeoning it with his cane. Unexpectedly, the wolf transforms into a gypsy woman, who curses him being dying.

Soon, Walter begins to transform into a werewolf night after night and kills hapless strangers who have wandered into the grounds which surround his estate. He tries deperately to confess his affliction to his romantic interest Janice and his close friend Rudolph, but is unable to. Running out of time and options, Walter turns to Dr. Mikhelov for help. However, Mikhelov is more interested in using psychology to have Walter murder his enemies then he is in curing Walter. 

Once Walter learns that he has been manipulated, he suffers a meltdown in his castle and starts to thrash it. Rudolph tries to intervene but Walter changes into the werewolf and kills him. Horrified, he runs into the woods. The next morning, he decides to take down Mikhelov. However, Mikhelov has already kidnapped Janice. He then publicly annpunces that Walter is the werewolf, so an angry mob is formed and they march to his castle and begin to burn it down. Walter rushes to the scene and changes, setting about slaughtering the mob. Eventually, he corners Mikhelov and breaks his neck before reverting to himself. Janice appears but Walter tells her that he must leave and the film ends with him running into the woods.


The film was followed by Fury of the Wolfman, Return of the Wolfman and Shadow of the Wolfman.

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