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Mario Anthony Nazario is a main character in the TV series, The Sullivans.


Born in Issaquah, Washington in October 1976.

Nazario is a old-school former Denver Police homicide detective who now works as a DA investigator. He retired from the police force ten years prior because of his own health issues brought on by his hard-living habits (his years of drinking, smoking and some poor dieting). He often serves as a mentor to other investigators. He has been a widower since his wife died in a bus accident 14 years before. They have two sons, Tony and Louis.

The Sullivans

Season 1


Season 2

Nazario's colleagues become very concerned of Nazario when Doyle and Bishop witness him act even more sluggish than usual while interviewing a witness during Knight's trial. However, Nazario brush their worries off.

Months later, Cohen saw Nazario inject himself with something. When she confronts him over it, Nazario come clean to Cohen and she convinces him to tell Katherine. When Cohen and Nazario arrive at Katherine's office, they saw the man inside of the office. Cohen and Nazario attempts to fight him off but he attacks Cohen and Nazario before locking them in the office and sets the office in ablaze. The D.A personnel arrive at the office where they rescue Cohen and Nazario. In the aftermath, Nazario gets to the hospital but Cohen informs Katherine and Peake that Nazario has diabetes, which he'd known about for a few months, and she saw him inject insulin earlier before the fire. Later, as he recovered, Nazario apologizes to Katherine and Cohen for keeping his diagnosis from them. He also tells them that he is considering taking a promotion to a less stressful position.

Almost 2 months later, Nazario return to work as well where Katherine, Cohen and Peake informed him what happened during his absence and their recent discoveries. Later, Nazario tells everyone that he will accept his promotion after the case is over. Later, Nazario gets involved in the search of Andrea Donnell's biological daughter Audrey Evans after she mysteriously disappears.


While Nazario is well-meaning and is a brilliant and effective investigator, his hard-living life causes him to deal with his own health.


  • Unnamed deceased wife
  • Tony Nazario (son)
  • Louis Nazario (son)


  • Service weapon: Glock 17
  • An episode of The Sullivans season 2 mentions his birthdate as October 11, 1976.