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Marine Wanted (2019 film) British-American-Germany Action-Thriller 2019 film.


  • Roymler Matos as U.S Captain Sergeant Gunnery John 'Johnny' Wesley; U.S custody and single man.
  • Keenon Douglas as Bill Tillady; Main villain.
  • Jasser Camacho (framed photo/main role) as Phil Cross, an serial killer and John's deceased kill enstranged father.
  • Yonady Bodden as young John (as teen)
  • Oliver Swaby as younger Phil Cross (flashbacks); John's past father unborns from John.
  • Yanet Swaby as Mrs. Wesley; (framed photo) John's deceased mother.
  • Caridad Camacho as Lady#3 (flashbacks)
  • Jose Bodden as Tio Erick; John's family-friend and uncle; Phil's half-brother.


  • Jesika Ebanks as Mary Wesley; John's enstranged daughter.
  • Yanet Calderin as John's deceased wife (flashbacks)
  • Jennay Camacho as Daniela Wesley; Mary's adoptive cousin and John's adoptive niece; Phil's oldest daughter.
  • Tyson Tatum as Sergeant Belak; germany soldier and main antagonist.
  • UFC Fighter Yoni Santana Diaz as younger John "Johnny" Wesley; John's timeline flashbacks past ego.