Marian and Tod is a twelve episode miniseries and the first spin off to Buena Vista. It follows the adventures of Tod the Fox as he and his mother Maid Marian encountered and befriended Twilight Sparkle the Pony and Spike the Dragon. As Tod grew from a little fox kit to a full grown fox - He teams up with Twilight to prevent the sinister wizard Lord Maliss and Shere Khan the Tiger from taking over The Enchanted Forest.


  • Tod meets Twilight Sparkle
  • Bagheera and Tod in Danger
  • Baloo to the Rescue/Marian saves Tod
  • Reunion
  • Lord Maliss
  • Old Friends
  • The Hound Chase
  • Friendship and Romance
  • Hugo and Rita
  • The Rescue
  • Tod's Redemption
  • The Enchanted Forest
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