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Maria Tron is one of the members of The Freak Shows (a renegade Nouto), and an ally to Kofuku no Henka.


Maria Tron is the darkest Nouto due to her past which Sonoi and Sonini as well as the concept of false friends. She is unpredictable due to her violent behaviour towards other Anoni. Despite this, she is more than willing to aid her teammates which includes the members of The Freak Shows.


Before the DonBrothers series started

Maria Tron was born in the Nouto realm as a half Nouto half tarantula hybrid due to her spider gene in her at birth. This gene prevented her from assuming a human form like the other Nouto does, and thus was teased by other Noto for it. Sonoi and Sononi wanted another Nouto that they could befriend and use to destroy the DonBrothers with, so they came up to her and offered a deal in friendship.

Maria accepted the offer, and then saw the fact that Sonoi had an evil grin on him. Sonoi then assumed the guise of the person named Phantom and would use psychological taunting on her. She then asked Sonoi what the goal of it was, and Sonoi told her it was for friendship. Sonoi and Sononi would then taunt her with the word "Phantom" using it as motivation for her to become stronger with the response that friends help other in need.

They told her to destroy to go to the Earth where the DonBrothers reside and destroy them. However, little did Sonoi and Sonini know, they saw a purple like spider demon in her, a ravenous demon. They then decided to abandon their goals of finding a friend to finding someone as a weapon to destroy the DonBrothers. Maria then asked Sonoi why he and Sononi are doing this and if they were her friends, to which the two spit at her, saying that they would never be friends with a freak like her and that they hate freaks like her.

Sonoi then took Maria Tron to a training arena and put her through through hellish training with the intent to make her into a weapon. There, Sonoi summoned 2 Anoni taunt her with them masking as Phantom as a test to taunt her and break her mind to make her into a weapon would destroyed the DonBrothers for them. However, at that point, Sonoi noticed that Maria Tron was filled with hatred. He then told her to use her anger to go to Earth and slay the DonBrothers for them, but instead, she used her spider abilities to slay the 2 Anoni that Sonoi summoned with the hatred inside her.

At that point, Maria Tron was filled with hatred and anger. Sonoi then tells her to use her hatred to go to the Earth where the DonBrothers reside and destroy the DonBrothers, but little did Sonoi know - the opposite effect happened. Instead of going to the Earth and slaying the DonBrothers like Sonoi hoped, she developed a bloodlust for killing other Anoni. In response, Sonoi summoned 214 more Anoni in an attempt to subdue her. This proved futile for Sonoi, as Maria Tron had slain the 214 Anoni that Sonoi had summoned due to her immense anger and started feasting on their corpses.

As a result, Sonoi had to call Sonoza in to subdue her, which resulted in Sonoza being wounded when she grabbed a pipe and attacked him from behind with it, and then stabbing his own spear into him.

Eventually Sonoi had to exile her for her violent ways and thus she was sent to the forbidden part of the Noto Realm for her violent ways.


Part 1

Ah! Hate, a subject that I know well indeed. It's all because of Sonoi and Sonini - they wanted to be my friend in order to help me with my problem of being teased by other Nouto because I could not assume a human form like they do but they mucked it up by being deceitful. They filled me with hate and now I am filled with hatred as well. It's a vicious cycle that never ends, Adam Zed.
―Maria Tron explaining her problems and expressing her anger to Adam Zed, in her debut appearance
So what if Sonoi and Sonini ruined your 1st attempt at friendship? You can still be friends with us, that is, if you want to.
―Kofuku comforting Maria Tron when the former hears about Adam Zed and Maria Tron's convo earlier.
You can be my friend, Adam Zed. You too, Soni-X. Even you Kofuku. After all, all of you are are one of the few Noto to treat me, a half Noto half tarantula with genuine kindness and respect.
―Maria Tron to Adam Zed and Soni-X
Phantom Anoni, must consume!! Must feast!!! From now on, let this be heard - Maria Hikawa: There will be Bloodshed.
―As Maria Tron goes on a rampage killing the Anoni as Adam Zed releases the beast. Spider man fans cheer her on.
Maria Hikawa has given up on being a PreCure and has assumed her pure enraged form.
―As she goes on a rampage and feasts on many Anoni as she can while people are taking a breath of the willd
Go away, Sonoi before my enraged form gets even stronger. Your heart is as black as coal. You treated me with cruelty along with another Nouto called Sonini. Maria Hikawa would rather take your cool sword and stab you with your own weapon and gravely injure you.
―Maria Tron's response to Sonoi before 2 other citizens scream in shock to see how a Nouto treats another Nouto that is different than they are when they look at Maria Tron and Sonoi

Part 2


  • Maria Tron is based on Maria Hikawa and Tarantulas, the mercenary from Beast Wars due to her nature of feasting on Anoni corpses. The difference is that Tarantulas is a spider like robot that can transform between robot and spider form at will whereas Maria Tron is a Nouto with a mutant quirk that was filled with hatred because of Sonoi and Sonini. Another difference between Maria Tron and Tarantulas is what their masters think of them (Megatron doesn't like him while Kofuku reveres Maria Tron as a genuine friend).
    • The quotes foreshadow that Maria Tron is a Nouto version of Maria Hikawa (Cure Tender) with a lot of anger issues caused by Sonoi and Sonini, although there are Calamity Ganon and Frax vibes as well, making her a very complex character.
    • Her boss title would be possibly be Scourge of Nouto Council: Calamity Tender. Meaning that it is possible that she will make Hitotsu-Ki using the anger (and or malice) in her heart due Sonoi and Sonini hurting her before. If that is the case, the Hitotsu-Ki will become the next analogous equivalent to Yiga Clan from Breath of the Wild, which would then cause the Nouto Trio to be the new "Shiekah". The ironic part is that the Nouto Trio aren't exactly heroic themselves.
    • Because of her feasting on Anoni, it is possible that she is a half Nouto half Juto herself.
  • Maria Tron's behaviour would affect DonBrothers as a whole when combined with the fanfic Secrets of the Nouto Realm.
  • It is possible that the only way to defeat Maria Tron is for Sonoi and Sononi is for the latter to forgive the former. But it won't be so easy as Sonoi and Sonini had put her in a traumatized state.