"You're not chicken are you? That's a pitty, i was going to ask you to hang out this weekend. I've got lots of fun things planned! But, if you don't want to...."

-Marcus to Tom Murray

Marcus was born in 1995 in a regular family in Manchester, England, UK.

Marcus had always known he was quite different to other people. He remembers when his history teacher told that Marcus has something evil, like he teached their classmates about the holocaust and Marcus always laughed beacuse he thought he was a joke!

He went to a catholic school and for him it was boring!

He was taking pictures of nude girls and sextorting them for money. When his teacher found out he got into so much trouble!

He got really good at spotting who he could manipulate, for example Father Midgley had a lot of awards in his office and he wanted to steal the biggest one. He got one of the stupid kids called Tom Murray to climb with the award to the top of the school tower!

Tom was doing good, but half way through, he lost his nerve. Marcus forced him to continue, but, Tom dropped the award and soon lost his grip and fell. Tom survived but he got badly injured! Tom had broken bones in his Left leg and had to stay in a wheelchair for 3 months and a bandage in his upper head for 5 months

Soon after he was called to Father Midgley's office and then his dad told him that he got sent to bootcamp.

He hated that place, but exept this.... He met Kiley Hatson and they started dating.

On the 4th day of bootcamp him, Kiley and some other people went on an expedition to find food, if they don't, they'll starve! Marcus thought they would give them a weapon like a knife to kill bunnys, instead they gave them rocks. Kiley then gave him candy in secret

During the expedition one boy was complaining about his stomach hurt! Marcus got annoyed and punched him in the stomach. The boy didn't woke up. Kiley started running back to bootcamp, so he followed her!

The boy was uncouncious for hours and was sent to hospital via helicopter, the boy had bleeding in his stomach beacuse of the punch and died 3 days later (the other days he was in a coma)

There was an investigation and the bootcamp got shut down, the people in charge were sent to prison and Marcus moved back to his parents. Soon after Kiley broke up with him but he didn't care

Marcus soon started college and met another girl named Mandy Clark.

After graduating Mandy moved in with Marcus, and one day, they visited Mt. Elgon in Africa, but, Mandy a few days later got furious beacuse she found out that in Mt. Elgon there is a contagious disease and a lot of lions and hiyenas, they could have died!

Marcus had other gfs but all of them broke up.

Beacuse of all of this Marcus got sentenced to 4 years in prison in December 27, 2019. He would get out of prison by January 2024

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