March Of The Titans is a 2013 Action Adventure Fantasy film written by Tony Gilroy and Dan Gilroy and directed by Tony Gilroy

It is the direct sequel to the 2012 Action adventure fantasy film Wrath Of The Titans and a sequel to the 2010 Action adventure fantasy film Clash of the Titans.

The film like it's predessors isn't completely mythologically accurate and focuses on bombastic battles boasting large beasts from popular Greek Mythology.

The film stars Sam Worthington, Rosamund Pike, Callan McAuliffe, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Rupert Sanders, Benedict Cumberbatch, Carla Gugino, Chloe Grace Moretz, Josh Lucas, Daniel Sunjata, Emily Mortimer and Jon Hamm.


Hades (Ralph Fiennes) loses the good which had been passed into him after the climatic battle with his father Kronos and has reverted to his evil ways.

He abducts Zeus' (Liam Neeson) Goddess daughter Persephone (Jenna Elfman) via tricking her into consuming food of the Underworld which curses her to spend eternity there and remain in his allegiance.

With Persephone at his side he rounds up a collection of fearsome beasts to start his own Titans army, one which will rival even that of his monstrous father Kronos'.

Zeus calls upon his god son Hermes (Rupert Sanders) to round up a collective of human soldiers and his two demi-god brothers Perseus (Sam Worthington) and young Heracles a.k.a Hercules (Callan McAuliffe) to stand an all out war against Hades Titans and rescue their sister Persephone.

Hermes comes down to Argos in search of Perseus and learns that Perseus and his son Helius (John Bell) have gone to live on Isle Icaria.

Hermes then travels to the island and finds that Perseus and his now 11 year old son Helius have taken up living with Icaria's Master Craftsman Daedalus (William Sadler) and his apprentice son Icarus (Josh Lucas).

Hermes upon coming to Perseus almost immediatley demands that he comes along with him as Hades has risen a an army of Titans of his own and kidnapped the powerful Goddess Persephone.

Perseus states to Hermes that he has an obligation to his son and raising him and that will be no more, gods and beasts to deal with.

Hermes however suades him by telling him without his assistance in battle the entire world will perish, he also mentions that the abducted Goddess Persephone is also their sister confirming he is indeed his brother.

Persesus then tells him to at night following the Icaria Main Square Mosaic Festival to meet him at the Villa of the renowned Craftsman Daedalus and his son Icarus.

Hermes agrees and waits in the Main Square waiting for the festival to begin.

Meanwhile down in the Underworld Hades comes to a bound Persephone in a chamber and demands she do him a little favour.

She refuses and attempts to spit upon him to which Hades stops.

He then forces her to drink water from the River Styx and whispers something in her ear.

Persephone begins to mutter and the mystical chains holding her place smash and freeze in mid-air as she begins to walk forward muttering.

The water from the River Styx swirls around and long red air breezes sweep up and fly across the sea to the Island of Icaria.

They settle upon all the plants and vegetation within the Island's central city and the plants in the Main Street.

Zeus then telepathically taps into Hermes head alerting that he sensed great danger in the city of Icaria and that he should get to Perseus now despite Hermes protesting he is meant to wait until the Festival of the city is finished.

As Hermes goes to move forward pink gas hits everyone in the streets and in the Main Square.

An accident occurs and they all scream as their mouths widen and advance Hermes.

They jump upon him but Hermes sweeps them off with a powerful concussive blast.

He then rushes forward as more of the civillians jump upon him.

Meanwhile Peresus at the villa talking to his son Helius tells him he has to go to war again and this will be the last one.

They won't have to move again and they'll be a normal family.

He approahces a painting Daedalus who tells him he has to get his painting down to the festival.

Perseus asks Daedalus when he departs that he and Icarus take good care of Helius.

They both state they will take the utter most best care of him.

The next second a gust of pink energy flies past the window near Helius.

He calls for Perseus who looks and sees another fly past him before grabbing his son within a split second and pushing them both to the floor yelling get down to Daedalus and Icarus.

All four hit the ground as the room's roof is ripped apart and smashed.

A lound screeching noise sounds and the four cover their ears in pain.

Hermes back in the main street who has knocked away all the mind controlled civillians of the area covers his ears and in a concussive blast yells out Perseues which carries all the way to the Villa.

Water then begins to come across to Daedalus back the Villa and Icarus looking down sees the outline of a beautiful woman swimming within it as beautiful music sounds.

A growl occurs and then Hermes catches eye of all the other residents of Icaria City rushing towards Daedalus' Villa.

Back at the Villa Daedalus wards his son away from the water on the ground and Perseus sees Icarus be backed up against the door which renders a knocking sound.

Icarus goes to open entranced and Perseus screams out no as what follows is a controlled Icaria Man punch his fist through Icarus' chest.

Daedalus screams out no as Perseus averts his son's eyes and leaps them out the window.

As the controlled entering residents advance a helpless Daedalus, Daedalus hits the floor where the water puddle is and sweeps it up releasing a large whirpool within the smashed up upper room of the Villa which seems them all up.

Perseus takes Helius and begins to run as the two are cornered on a street by controlled civillians Hermes charges through and Perseus whistles for Pegasus who smashes out a normal horse stable and comes to them flying them away.

They come to the Village of Pheebes where they meet Hercules the young 17 year old son of two farmers Amphitryon (Richard Dean Anderson) and Alcemene (Cybill Shepherd).

He is a clumsy incredibly strong boy works in pottery and delivery and yearns for local Pheebes beauty Megara (Laura Marano).

Hermes and Perseus first become formally introduced to Hercules as Perseus' money bag is snatched by a street girl and Helius catches her passing the bag over to Hercules.

The pick-pocket named Aldena Amaros (Chloe Grace Moretz) befriends them along with Hercules and Perseus, Hermes and Helius come to tea with Hercules and his parents along with Aldena.

Hermes following the supper they have engages in a private conversation with his parents and they take Hercules telling him he is their brother and that his true father is the deceased god Zeus and that his uncle the God of the Underworld Hades has abducted his older Goddess sister Persephone to wreak havoc upon the world's order.

Hercules tries to object coming along but upon attempting to run away comes across the first of Hades' titans Nessus the River Guardian Centaur.

Hercules fights him off and just wins the battle with the aid of Hermes and Perseus.

Hermes then deems that Hercules needs to be trained as Hades is commanding his titans to attack now and eliminate the boy.

He tells they will seek out the Satyr Philoctetes (Noah Wyle) at Isle De Mont.

Philoctetes agrees to train Hercules upon hearing he is a son of Zeus and the impending doom that lies ahead.

After Hercules, Hermes and Perseus are done training with the satyr Helius is left in his care until the end of the war.

They travel along on the farmer's cart there were left with and discover that Aldena the Pick-Pocket girl of Pheebes has stowed away in the cart.

She demands to join them in their battle as she will never leave Hercules side.

Hercules declares he will not do his part in the battle coming unless she is there to be beside him.

They come back to Pheebes to collect the last of Hercules belongings.

Hercules however that night runs to the residence of Megara to wish her goodbye and proccur the dream he always dreamt of having with her.

He comes and she tells that a monster has surfaced on the rock gorge.

They assemble and the group confronts the dreaded Hydra: Second of Hades' titans.

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