Marasai was a planet in the Marasa Nebula, near the Trellen Trade Route. It was the homeworld of the Marasans, a species of cyborgs. It was notable for a gentle ecology, despite the sometimes difficult to predict weather which resulted from Marasai's location within the chaotic nebula.

The variable weather on their homeworld was what led the Marasans to develop agriculture which helped preserve their food supply, and advanced mathematics to predict the weather. Their mathematical talents led to their development of hyperdrive technology. Implanted navigation computers allowed Marasan pilots to travel from Marasai to the twenty Marasan colonies within the nebula. Their navigational abilities eventually led the Galactic Empire to conquer the Marasans, forcing the Electnodes of the Marasan Mindnet (their legislature) from power and leading their Grand Daern, Derra'makin, to hide on one of the Marasan colony worlds. The Empire carried out their conquest by using large-scale resonators which could disrupt the cyborg implants of an entire planet of Marasans, causing them all intense pain.


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