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Maniac is a 2015 horror film. It is part of the Terrorverse.


Chapter 1

A group of friends, Elliot, his sister Ella, Claire, Grant, Chris, Gwen, Cheyenne, John and Tess, are in a lodge for their getaway. Grant, Gwen, Cheyenne, John and Tess play a prank on Ella by taking advantage of Ella's crush on Tess, causing her to run away and end up killed.

Chapter 2

A year later, Elliot invites the group back in his lodge.

Chapter 3

Elliot claims that the lodge is locked and Gwen volunteers to go climb through a window to open it from the under side. Inside, she hears banging from inside a cupboard. Opening it, she is attacked a wolverine. Grant breaks down the door and shoots the wolverine.

Claire shows Grant and Tess to a guest cabin.

Gwen uses a costume to scare Elliot and Claire. Gwen is then knocked out.

Chapter 4

Grant and Tess have sex in the cabin. Unbeknown to them, a hidden camera is filming them. The phone rings and the voice reveals that he just filmed them and will send the video out unless one of them dies. Grant kills Tess but the video is sent out anyway along with footage of Grant killing Tess. Grant shoots himself in the head.

Chapter 5

Gwen wakes up to find Chris and Claire in a saw blade death trap by a masked man. Gwen pulls the lever to save Claire but saw bisects her instead.

Chapter 6

Cheyenne and John try to leave the mountain by cable car, only to find it locked.

Elliot is stalked by the maniac who knocks him out.

Chapter 7

Cheyenne and John climb a radio tower and able to contact a park ranger who says help won't arrive until dawn. Cheyenne and John opt to stay in the radio tower. John considers going back for his friends but sees what appears to be the maniac. Unbeknown to him or Cheyenne, its actually a dummy. The real Maniac sets the tower on fire. John jumps to his death while Cheyenne tries to find another way out. Cheyenne finds a fuel tank inside the tower. The flames reach the tank, causing the tower to explode.

Chapter 8

Chris and Gwen find the maniac holding Elliot hostage.

The maniac reveals herself to be Claire, seeking revenge for Ella's death.