Mam of Steel: The Superman Adventures is an American animated superhero TV series and a remake of the 1996 series Superman: The Animated Series.


Krypton, a distant, alien world, suffers a cataclysmic disaster. Jor-El, a Kryptonian scientist, places his son Ka-El in an escape pod which is launched into space with seconds to spare. The capsule crash lands on Earth and the boy is found by Johnathan and Martha Kent, a farming couple from Smallville, who raise him. Years later, Kal-El is now Clark Kent and he gets a job at the Daily Planet newspaper, which is based in the big bustling city of Metropolis. However, Clark secretly uses his Kryptonian abilities, such as flight and laser vision, to become the superhero Superman, and sets out to battle injustice in the world, always defending truth, justice and the American way.

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