A male man-faced frog looking to find a suitable mate for him.

frog, also known as the water dylanus, is named for its human-looking face, which is unlike most other frogs and relatives, which usually have un-human faces. Unlike any other frog on earth, it is (almost) completely herbivorous, whereas most other frogs are largely carnivorous or insecivorous, feeding mainly on berries, leaves, grass, shrubs, and even thorns and underwater plants, with worms and beetles being the only non-plant food they can eat, although about 99% of their diet is plants and about only 1% is beetles and worms. They have the size between the Pacific tree frog's size and the leopard frog's size. Their vocalization sounds like the domestic dylanus's squeaking sounds, which is why they're called water dylanuses. These frogs spend about as much time in the water as the African clawed frogs, so keeping these frogs as pets in aquariums is recommended, they also get along very well with many fish including tetras, danios, goldfishes, kois, placos, bettas, guppies, and some other small fish, and the frogs don't even eat fishes. Naturally, these frogs were native only to Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, but they were recently introduced to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and California, where they are invasive and are thriving, despite these states being dryer (less humid) and colder than their native range.

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