Mallory Kane
Full Name Mallory Gina Kane
Relatives John Kane (father), Dana Kane (mother, deceased)
Nationality American
Affiliations Hay-Wire Security, United States Marine Corps
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'9 ft.
Weight 143 lbs.
Occupation Private intelligence contractor

Mallory Gina Kane was born on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to an Irish-American father and an Italian-American mother. Her father, John Kane, was a U.S. Marine Corps foreign area officer. Because of that, Mallory was raised all over the world. Her mother, Dana Kane, was a homemaker. As a teenager, Mallory become highly proficient in the sport of Muay Thai fighting and also took several course in Judo and Krav Maga. When she was seventeen, her mother died of cancer.

After Mallory graduated from high school, she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. She decided to become a military police Marine. After recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, Mallory attended Marine Combat Training at the School of Infantry at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and then the Law Enforcement Military Police Course at the U.S. Army Military Police School. Afterwards, she was assigned to Military Police Company, Security Battalion, Marine Corps Base Quantico. Mallory later returned to the Military Police School and attended the Special Reaction Team course. Afterwards, she was assigned to the Special Reaction Section of the Provost Marshal's Office at Quantico. Mallory served as a member of the base Special Reaction Team.

She left the Marine Corps after eight years of service. Mallory then moved to Washington, D.C. and was hired by Hay-Wire Security, a high-tech private security and intelligence firm. As a junior contractor with the firm, she was tasked with such work as physical security consulting and close protection services, as well as taking in surveillance details in corporate investigations. Eventually, Mallory's exemplary work caught the attention of Hay-Wire Security's Board of Directors and they concluded that she would be perfect for work with the hidden side of the firm.

In addition to its overt work in the private sector, Hay-Wire Security is also contracted by the U.S. government to perform covert and clandestine espionage assignments that for either political or legal reasons are too sensitive and risky for the CIA or any other U.S. government agency. When intelligence deemed critical to U.S. national security cannot be obtained by traditional entities and means, Hay-Wire Security is contracted to conduct physical operations.

Although she was initially only told that the job involved "special government contracts", Mallory enthusiastically accepted the position. Afterwards she was informed of the nature of the work. Mallory then went through an intensive operational training course to train her in so-called "operational intelligence" or "tradecraft" skills. This means, she was taught the finer points of espionage such as surveillance, clandestine photography, infiltration, and exfiltration techniques. Mallory was also trained for night parachuting, tactical high speed emergency driving, rappelling from helicopters, and dry and wet demolition. Because of her military experience, she excelled through training.

Once Mallory completed training, she was promoted to senior contractor. She is one of Hay-Wire Security's premier field operatives. In the field, Mallory is typically placed in a team whose job is to infiltrate a secure installation, seize critical intelligence, destroy dangerous data or equipment, or extract a high-value target. Because Hay-Wire Security is a private intelligence service independent of the official U.S. government national security apparatus, she can disregard various laws and international treaties in order to accomplish a mission. Once Mallory's orders have been given, there are usually little or no required procedures for the fulfillment of the mission. She can use virtually any means she deems necessary.


  • This character appeared in the 2012 film Haywire.
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