Maid Marion is a 2012 American Psychological Thriller film written and directed by M Night Shyamalan starring Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Craig Parker, Anthony Anderson, J.R Bourne and Vera Farmiga.

The film is inspired by the likes of David Fincher's Se7en and Michael Mann's Manhunter.

The film concerns a killer murdering in accordance to the princesses of the Brother's Grimm Fairytales and the titular protagonist of Lewis Carroll's famous Alice In Wonderland Book series.


The film begins with model Elizabeth Halden (Olivia Munn) of New York City doing a modelling shoot for Vogue Magazine and returning to her large three storey home later that night.

She comes home and after taking care of a couple of house chores is attacked by an assailant wearing a 16th Century Huntsman Costume.

She is chased into the bottom floor lounge room of her house where she is rendered unconsious by the assailant.

Elizabeth then awakens tied to a chair and is then force fed a bite from an apple which brings on the bloody death by convulsion.

The killer closes Elizabeth's eyes and rags her away which then leads on to the opening credits.

The opening credits show the Brother's Grimm Book of Fairytales being opened and flicked through depiciting images of Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, The Arabian Nights Storybook drawings of the Sultan's Princess Daughter Jasmine, Hans Christian Andersen's Ariel The Mermaid Princess and Lewis Caroll's Alice from Alice In Wonderland.

We see a silver cart with six tins of six different paint colors come through what appears to be the foyer of Elizabeth's Home and then we come to arriving at the scene Detective William Billington (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Police Sergeant Anthony "Toni" Mackie (Samuel L. Jackson).

The two meet through Officers Langley (Will Forte) and Menkim (Craig Parker) who introduce the young Detective Billington to Sergeant Mackie.

Then comes Los Angeles Detective Jean Marlow (Kristen Wiig) who has been assigned to the case.

The three enter the residence of Elizabeth Halden and immediatley in the foyer discover her body within a glass coffin with gold rimming placed on a table.

Elizabeth's body within the coffin has been poised to hold white flowers and her eyes have been closed.

There is blood on the old 16th Century Costume Dress Garments she is wearing.

Sergeant Mackie identifies the victim to Detectives Billington and Marlow informing she was a well known New York Fashion Model, born and raised in the Manhattan Area up until the age of 19 when she moved to South Dakota for a year returning at age 20 which was she happened to be noticed by fashion manager Greg Dourdan who broke her into her career.

Detective Marlow steers away from Billington and Mackie who begin discussing the victim with each other singledly and opens up the sliding doors to the bottom floor lounge room where she sees on the wall above the fire placed painted in purple "Snow White."

Inside the lounge room Detective Billington collects a book from a coffee table titled Fairytales.

The book upon being opened contains two pages, one of writing with the heading Snow White and the second page a black and white illustration of the victim Elizabeth Halden.

Sergeant Mackie reads the story page which depicts the killer chasing down Snow White, forcing her to take a bite from the poisoned apple and preserving her beautiful body in a prison of glass and gold.

The outside police officers including Officers Langley and Menkim enter and begin on the scene.

We then come to the New York Police Department where Police Inspector Gavin Norris (M. Night Shyamalan) introduces himself to Detectives Billington and Marlow and asks to see them seperatley in his office; beginning with Billington.

Billington reports he is a detective whose parents were both detectives of Manhattan and that he was born and bred in NY.

Marlow is then brought in and she answers upon being asked that father was a lawyer and her mother an accountant who were both horribly killed in a home robbery and that she up until the age of 16 lived with abusive foster parents whom she reported at the age of 18.

Inspector Norris reports to Sergeant Mackie that both Detectives check out though he expresses concern in regards to the Los Angeles assigned detective Jean Marlow as she has a history of violence and deems she may not be the best supporting detective candidate for the case.

What follows is the push onward as the trio on the pursuit of Elizabeth Halden's killer strikes with another victim, a young 23 year old escort Lara Pewtergordon (Adrianne Palicki) who has been abducted a year prior to the discovery of her rotten corpse in an abandoned Detroit Mansion by Mackie, Billington and Marlow.

She is discovered within the Mansion's left tower closet where within the closet on a wall painted in Silver is the title Cinderella with another eponymous Fairy Tales book which bears two pages.

The pages depicting the killing of Lara with a black and white illustration of her.

Then comes Philadelphia Theater Actress April Sommers (Gwen Stefani) who is abducted as the killer hijacks a limousine the actress is meant to catch to the premiere of the latest production she is to appear in.

She is discovered within the Philadelphia Movie Castle locked in a tower bedroom lying in the bed wearing 16th Century Costume Garments and with a pricked finger.

On the wall above the bed in green Aurora is painted.

April's DNA is tested and the cause of death is determined as cyanide poisoning through the injection of a cyanide needle.

A Fairy tales book is recovered from the bedroom set with a page depiciting the killing of April and an illustration of the famous theater actress.

Detective Marlow then states the killer is not finished and that now obviously he is following the pattern of not only fairy tales but fairy tale princesses.

Billington, Mackie and Marlow investigate into princesses from the Brother's Grimm.

They do not know who will be the next target and what princess the killer will kill in accordance to next.

Billington states that the killer is not only killing in accordance to just fairy tales or princesses but also cities.

He states that the next victim will be of a new city and the potential one after that will also be and so forth.

The killer then leaves messages Jean, Mackie and Billington at their New York Residences which informs them of where he will strike next and the ominous threat that they will fit as the final pieces to his puzzle, that there won't be a happy ending.

The location is that of Chicago and they discover there is a festival to commence which will commemorate the classic story of Aladdin from Arabian Nights

Mackie, Marlow and Billington then determine the next victim will represent the princess Jasmine from the story of Arabian Nights and the killer isn't just abiding by the Brother's Grimm.

His intended victim is a festival dancer Tina Bruhl (Aishwarya Rai) who he abducts and places in a large hourglass machine he has built which contains two tanks on the inside.

One containing Sulphuric Acid and one containing sand.

The two are deployed at the same time as the Hourglass is dropped onto the festival's largest float and Tina dissolves to her gruesome death. Marlow and following Chicago Officers come up to the glass and smash it open releasing Tina's corpse.

Marlow then sees on the floatie a tapestry fall down with the title Jasmine painted in yellow.

Marlow then sees up above on the rooftop which Tina was dropped from Mackie and Billington in pursuit of the killer who they chase across the rooftops and lose as he slips his away into an alley and away with an exploding deploying truck as a diversion.

In the alley Mackie retrieves a fish scale which then leads him to announce to Billington and Marlow that he knows what the next victim will be representing; The Mermaid Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

The scale pertains to a Texas Costume shop which upon being investigated is where all the victim's costumes they were posed in were purchased and the scale itself is from a synthetic Mermaid tail.

Billington checks out a Texas Paint Store and confirms the killer bought six tins of six different paint colors.

Marlow then states the obvious that Tina Bruhl is not the final victim that there will be two more.

Detective Billington then disappears when he is suppose to check in with Marlow and Mackie into the Texas Hotel The Cambria.

He secretly possesses a sister Katherine Billington (Emma Stone) who is hiding out in Texas after an escapade with a strike.

Billington upon coming to see her at home is rendered unconsious by the killer who then abducts Katherine.

Billington awakens as the police along with Sergeant Mackie and Detective Marlow come to the residence and tend to the unconsious Will.

He tells them that Katherine's Ariel.

Marlow then tells Mackie they need to get to the nearest docks.

They come to the Texas Fisherman's Port the closet port to Katherine Billington's residence.

They find a boat titled The Real Fairytale and upon removing a cloth from something on a boat discover the body of Katherine Billington.

She possesses the upper half of her body but the bottom half has been replaced with a synthetic Mermaid's Tail.

Sergeant Mackie, Marlow and the Texas Police Department investigate the boat and discover photos of all the previous victims.

They find a Fairy Tales book containing the two pages pertaining to Katherine Billington and a photo is pulled out by Detective Marlow who confirms the photo of that of her Los Angeles based bestfriend Allison Berq (Vera Farmiga).

Sergeant Mackie has Detective Billington transferred from Texas State General to the Hope Lane Hospital in New York.

Marlow and Mackie come to Inspector Norris and announce that he has one more victim who will pertain to one more princess they do not know of and the victim will be Allison Berq her bestfriend situated in Los Angeles.

The inspector discharges Sergeant Mackie from the case however and suspends him of duty showing pictures of an intimate relationship between him and an African American girl on a case he was told not to become involved in.

Mackie returns to his home that night and to his family.

His wife deposits male to him which he reads and which is from the killer.

It asks how he's enjoying his suspension hinting the killer was behind the incriminating photos sent to Inspector Norris and a Fairy Tales book is given to him containing two pages pertaining to victim Tina Bruhl.

We then come to Billington in Hope Lane where he is attended by bestfriend officers Langley and Menkim who inform him that his sister Katherine is dead.

Billington has an emotional breakdown in the hospital and has to be subdued by doctors before the eyes of Langley and Menkim.

We then see a rushing Marlow driving fast to L.A.

She comes to Adams Street General where she meets up with Allison who is a nurse at the hospital.

Jean attempts to warn her that she is the target of a serial killer but is cut-off as a power-out occurs at the hospital.

When the lights come back on to the entrance which only contains Allison and Marlow and both are gased by the black costume concealed killer.

Mackie reads on and the final part of the letter to him says the jumbo word of wolram which when re-arranged spells Marlow.

Mackie then speeds to Adams Street General and discovers by the Los Angeles Police Department that there was a massive blackout throughout the hospital and Nurse Allison Berq and visitor Jean Marlow are missing from the hospital.

Left in the Hospital foyer is a Queen of Hearts Cane which is property of one particular Los Angeles Costume Warehouse.

We then see Jean Marlow awaken by herself in a strange corridor with Alice In Wonderland images around her.

Then we see Allison Berq awaken in a darkened room chained with the killer approaching her and speaking in a magnified sophisticated voice.

We see Mackie pull out the front of the costume warehouse and the scene comes back to the Hope Lane Hospital where Langley and Menkim speak to Billington's Dr who tells of his condition and then a flatline comes from his room and they rush in to discover he has left the Hospital through the window.

We see Mackie enter the warehouse as Marlow presses forward into the corridor hearing the screams of Allison from somewhere.

Mackie ascends a staircase up to a studio room and discovers a fairy tales book which he opens and the two pages are not seen by the audience but shock Mackie.

Marlow begins to run through the corridors looking down the Alice in Wonderland neon images surrounding her.

Mackie comes up to an upper floor room of the Costume Warehouse Building which is completely pitch black.

As he steps forward all the lights flash on and Allison Berq is revealed before Mackie alive and chained to a wall.

As he goes to unchain Allison

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