Magus are ancient subspecies of human race descended from Dragonlords, Atlantean warriors who gained unique form of sorcery by infusing themselves with essence of dragons in desperate attempt to banish Great One. While similar with sorcerers as both possesses affinity with Mana, maguses are unique as they can take a form of half-human, half-draconic being at will.

Physiology, Powers, and Appearance

Magus possesses appearance that close to, if not identical with normal humans and their cousin Sorcerers/Sorceresses. Unlike normal humans or Sorcerer/Sorceresses however, maguses are able to live longer and aged at slower rate. This was possibly due to their regenerative abilities that decelerate their aging process, albeit their puberty stage and growth rate still same with humans'.

The following powers that they share with Sorcerers/Sorceresses are:

  • Full Brain Capacity: Sorcerers and maguses have easy access to sorcerous skills because they are born with the ability to use their entire brain at one time, unlike common men and women whom believed only are able to use about 10% of their brain. While this belief may debatable as everyone actually capable to use 100% of their brains albeit in different times, this actually refered sorcerers' brainpowers that far more potent than those of normal humans'. This enhanced brainpowers allow maguses to gain three more complex abilities, which are Matter Manipulation, Mana Affinity, and Reality Warping. Maguses' affinity with Mana surpasses that of sorcerers in general, resulting them have more energy reserves than sorcerers'.
    • Matter Manipulation: Thanks to their brainpowers which exceeded that of normal people, maguses can manipulate, control and reshape matter with their mind alone in the same capacity with sorcerers.
    • Mana Affinity and Reality Warping: Due to their brainpowers exceeded that of normal humans' in terms of using 100% of their brains, sorcerers and maguses can also tap on and harness energy of mystical origin and nature called Mana which allowed them to shape and bend reality at will while still either following laws of physics and nature or otherwise. For instances, they can bringing objects to life, conjuring mystical object-detecting storm clouds, perform necromancy (The Rising for example), and seeing into the past through surrounding objects' residual information. The art to shape and bend reality with one's ability to manipulate matter and Mana through brainpowers is called Magic.
  • Supernatural Condition: Due to their affinity with Mana around them, sorcerers and maguses bodily functions were enhanced to the pinnacle of human conditioning in mystical way.
    • Supernatural Speed and Agility: Sorcerers and maguses are shown being faster than normal humans as well as more agile.
    • Supernatural Durability: Each sorcerer and maguses appeared to possesses more resistant harm than a normal human does.
    • Supernatural Strength: Sorcerers and maguses' strength appeared to superior than normal humans.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Aside supernatural affinity through matter manipulation, sorcerers and maguses' full brain capacity also resulting their brainpowers exceed that of average person that they more skillful than normal humans.
    • Supernatural Perception: Thanks to their affinity with Mana around them, sorcerers and maguses can perceive mystical activities better than normal humans.

However, the following powers that exclusively possesses by magus are:

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Magus heal faster than the normal humans, even more than sorcerers would. It's also stated that they can also reattached severed limbs or regrew new limbs altogether except decapitation, which is lethal for them.
  • Vampirism Immunity: All magus are stated having genetic code that immune to dark pathogen that induced vampirism. It means, no matter how bad they infected by vampirism, magus won't mutate into any of them. But this made magus as natural enemies for vampires however, as they are only known kind of human race whom not affected with vampirisim that needed to propagate their kind.
  • Dragonlord Magic: All maguses had ability to transformed into semi-humanoid, draconic creature that appearance described as vaguely human but at the same time looked like a human in full armor: In their draconic form, their bodies are covered by suits or armor-like organic exoskeleton of pure Mana as their legs taking digitigrade form for enhanced mobility and jump. In their draconic form, they also grew retractable tail and a pair of wings that can easily folded into carapace-like growth on their backs. Some can also turned into fully draconic form, but their appearance still reflected animal motif which mirror their conscience: For example, due to his inherent goodness which reflected that of mythical eastern dragon, his full draconic form taking appearance of eastern dragon.
  • Flowmotion: Through proper training, maguses can fluidly move around on both land and air, enable them to perform feats such as kicking off almost any surface, air dash, swinging around lampposts, grinding along rails, and battling enemies with speed and style.

Effects on Society

While Merlin and his Merlineans have started the era where magical beings, sorcerers, and maguses lived in peaceful coexistence, some humans still detest and reject maguses along with sorcerers and magical beings among them, calling them "freaks" or "monsters" and, on many accounts, physically abusing them or those suspected to be one. Though the reasons was mostly out of fear, prejudice or jealousy, those whom went too far tend to be motivated by bad history between them. Many Puritans in the past, whom greatly xenophobic toward anything that strange, non-understandable, supernatural, and different of other beings, wrongfully blamed maguses and sorcerers whom actually had nothing to do with their misfortunes. It was apparent during Salem Witch Trials that worsened whatever strife and tension between humanity, sorcerers, and maguses in colonial settlements at Massachussets, and thus the fear and prejudice against maguses and sorcerers has resulted the foundation of infamous cult called Order of Righteous Ones.

The Order was formed by disillusioned fanatical members of Puritan church whom wrongfully deemed maguses and sorcerers' existence as sign of oncoming damnation that would fall on humanity, and believes that killing every single one of them would ensure mankind's salvation by God. To this end, they swayed frightened colonists to their side as means to expand their power and influence over colonial settlements in Massachusetts and beyond. Only unswayed members of Puritan church whom aware with the Order members' spiritual degeneration, and knowing that their misguided would only worsened the odds between mankind, maguses, and sorcerers, they warned both Massachusetts government and CrossMages about The Order's action to solve this dilemma in spite of their initial distrust on CrossMages. Unfortunately, Order of Righteous Ones become more and more aggressive and misguided in their actions that they goes so far to declare war on both Massachusetts government and CrossMages as well as uses terrorism to sway unfortunate colonists to their side, forcing CrossMages and Massachusetts government to wipe them out in a bloody battle which now dismissed as myth.

Upon the downfall of Order of Righteous Ones, the dream where coexistence between naguses, humanity, and other magical beings on the new world eventually come true. Unfortunately, CrossMages' influence over United Stated not reach Tlob's village whom its inhabitants' mindset still same with those of Puritan albeit less violent. Because of it, the last member of Order of Righteous Ones, Nefarian Crane, tried to manipulate the whole village to turned against her and possibly recruit them to rebuild the Order. Unfortunately for him, Crona Snell, Balthazar Blake, and his dragon companion Corinth, foiled his plan and exposed him. This enraged Crane so much that he destroyed entire village and killed most of the inhabitants, leaving a handful of survivors which includes Balthazar, Corinth, Tlob, Crona, Judge Meritorious, and other handful of villagers. Destruction that Nefarian left behind revealed that the threat from Order of Righteous Ones is far from over.

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