Magnetmaster is a former student of Professor Wheelchair's as well as his archenemy and that of the X-Maximals (Beast Wars: Transformers: E.N.D.A.N.G.E.R.E.D. Characters). He first appeared in the very first issue of The X-Maximals, in which he used his magnetic powers to annihilate cyberkind as we know it. After he was defeated and foiled the first time, Magnetmaster collected evil Cyber-Mutants to form the Brotherhood of Cyber-Mutants. To that end, he was defeated and had to build a city named Genoshark, built around Shark Island. Genoshark is a city based on his dream of domination through peace. His Acolights, his minions, are also in the island, waiting for their master to attack the planet Cybertron as we know it.

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