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God of Time
Time Lord
Arch-God of Time
Faceless Deity
Teacher of the Omniverse
Full Name Magister
Current Age Over 13.772 Billion Years
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Generless (Telepathically Male)
Species / Type Chrononian
Living Town Chronon (Planet)
Class Time God
Main Weapon(s) f
Main Element(s) f
Current Status(es) Alive (Sealed)
Main Ability/ies mnipotence
Advance High-Tier 1 Chronokinesis
Advance High-Tier 1 Spatialkinesis
Energy Absorption
Reality Warp
Implosion Smiting
Time Energy
Memory Manipulation
Power Granting
Supernatural Perception
Time Perception
Spatial Perception
Dimensional Perception
Universal Awareness
Dream Walking
Eidetic Memory
Affiliation(s) Time
Aion (Formally)
Ben Tennyson (Formally)`
Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Erebus (Auntie)
Chronos (Creator, Father)
Chrononians (Siblings, Nieces, Nephews

Magister (also recognize as the God of Time, Chronos, Time Lord, Teacher of the Omniverse, Arch-God of Chronon) is an Chrononian of Chronon. Magister is the son of the Primordial God of Time Chronos.


At birth, Magister had a kind and sweet personalty. While he (Magister wishes to be referred as male) was in Heaven, he would help out the lower-class angels in training. When God was finally able to promote Magister to the rank of Archangel, the very first being to ever reach the rank, as only the first angels of God made before the Omniverse are the only Archangels. However, when Lucifer gone and corrupted Adam and Eve, he also taken many angels on his side, when he told to bow to the humans. With some power, Lucifer corrupted Magister's mind, and he was banished to the Burning Hells alongside the angels that also fell.


Magister takes a form a large armored humanoid entity, standing over 8'6" feet tall. He appears to have blue skin, and very sharp claws. It's said that the claws are some kind of Time Matter, capable of slicing, and even destroying the very fabric of time itself. He appears to have no face (no eyes, no ears etc). The color of his skin is blue.


The Time God

Time War

Fourth Dimensional War


  • Nigh-Omnipotence - Magister possesses such godly power, he was able to cause an Omniverseal-Collapse, but that was reverted when Ben 10, and his friends was finally able to defeat him.
  • Nigh-Omniscience - Magister living for over 13.772 billion years, he knows almost everything about the Omniverse, except to the Secrets of God.
  • Nigh-Omnipresent - Magister is capable of being anywhere of anyplace at the same time.
  • Advance High-Tier 1 Chronokinesis - Magister use of Chronokinsis is shown when he kept on time looping Kevin with his friends in a stadium, allowing Vilgax to engange them.
  • Advance High-Tier 1 Spatialkinesis - Magister is capable of manipulating space. This was not shown, but it was told that his use of spatialkinesis is very very advanced then most.
  • Advanced High-Tier 1 Reality Warp - Magister is capable of warping reality at will. This is shown when he was to make a entire dimension from absolutely nothing.
  • Advanced High-Tier Smite - Magister is capable of raking the life nergy out of anything with a single touch.
  • Advanced High-Tier 1 Implosion Smiting - Magister can implode anyone he touches.
  • Advanced High-Tier 1 Teleportation - Magister can teleport anywhere in a instant.
    • Dimensional Teleportation - Magister can teleport between dimensions instantly
  • Advance High-Tier 1 Apporting - Magister can instantly teleport any organic or non-organic to anywhere.
  • Advance High-Tier 1 Pyrokinesis - Magister flames is said to be so hot, it's hotter then the sun, or even the hottest suns in any dimensions.
  • Advance High-Tier 1 Regeneration - Magister can heal from even the most fatal of wounds in matter of seconds.
    • Advanced High-Tier 1 Healing - Magister can heal anyone from the most fatal of wounds.
  • Energy Absorption - Magister is capable of absorbing almost all energies, and even all energy particles.
  • Empathy - Magister can read/sense the feelings and emotions on almost every setient beings, and lifeforms.
  • Invulnerability - Magster can't be damaged or injured that's not supernatural or power (some species abilities can harm, but only 2 of those exists).
  • Immunity - Magister can be infected by any diseases or viruses that can harm anything.
  • Immortal - Magister is not affected by time, age or diseases or viruses.
  • Time Energy - As an Chrononian, Magister as absolute control of Time Energy.
  • Tekekiensis - Magister can lift any organic or nonb-organic materials with his thoughts.
  • Telepathy - Magister can enter, read and speak to anyone with thoughts.
  • Precognition - Magister can see into the future.
  • Memory Manipulation - Magister can alter and delete memories of beings.
  • ShapeShifting - Magister can shapeshift into anyone, as he shapeshifted into Vilgax.
  • Power Granting - Magister can grant anyone powers he possesses. He gifted Ben the powe of telepathy.
  • Supernatural Perception - Magister can see everthing of the supernatural.
  • Time Perception - Magister can percieve time.
  • Spatial Perception - Magister can percieve space
  • Dimensional Perception - Magister can percieve the dimensional planes.
  • Omniverseal Awareness - Magister can hear and see everthing in the Omnniverse.
  • Flight - Magister can fly.
  • Sedation - Magister can place anyone to sleep.
  • Dream Walking - Magister can walks the planes of dreams.
  • Eidetic Memory - Magister can etched all the memories of past and present. This also makes him aware of timeline changes and other things.


Though Magister is an immensely powerful being, he also have weaknesses.

  • God - Predating Chrononians, and the maker of everything, God can easily defeat Magister.
  • Erebus - Being the primordial entity of darkness, Magister can be easily defeated by it.
  • CelestialSapiens - Being that predates Chrononians could possible can defeat Magister.
  • Dimensional Lords - Being that even predates Erebus, can easily destroy Magister.
  • Chains of Heaven - The Chains of Heaven can bind any beings, entities in the entire omniverse. Including Magister.
  • Omni-Dimensional Cage - Capable of literally sealing any cosmic dimensional beings, Magister will be sealed within the cage, with no way out.
  • Spirit Energy - Spirit Energy is one of the few only energies Magister can't absorb, and so would do harm to him.