Magic Mike is a 2015 American psychological horror film rama film, written and directed by Guillermo del Toro starring Rosario Dwason , Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Diane Kruger , Anthony Mackie , Mira SorvinoMax Charles and Seth Macfarlane, featuring cameos of Ron Perlman, Alice Braga nad Andrew Garfield.

The film was scored by Danny Elfman. The film was met with universal critical acclaim and was a box office success. It's worldwide acclaim would led to three sequels: Magic Mike 2: The Revenge, Magic Mike 3: Day of Corn and Magic Mike: Return of the Sinners.


The film begins with a young socialite Couple, Ana (Alice Braga) and Mike (Andrew Garfield) preparing to have sex. Before they go to their bed, to scare Ana, Mike tells her the story about the legend of Magic Mike, a mysterious spectator that attacks and kills everyone who dare to chant his name in the front of a painting. Kidding, she says it, but nothing seems to happen. After that, the two go to bed, but a unknown figure appears and impales the two in the bed, killing them.

Sandra Jackson (Rosario Dawson) is a police detective whom is given with a mysterious case of a young couple found dead in their bed, with marks of blade wounding in their chests. The case proves to be even more difficult when none fingerprints are found within the crime scene. Her partner, Steve Trevor (Seth MacFarlane), is also intrigued by the case, but agrees to leave it at further investigation. 

Back at her apartment at Brooklyn, Sandra reunites with her friend Helen Loomis (Diane Kruger), an researcher at Empire University, reveals to Sandra that two other similar murders happened the same night. One about a woman found with her throat slashed, and the other one about a boy with his tongue cut off. When set to investigate, Sandra founds local hobo, Karl (Doug Jones) speaking about the legend of Magic Mike, saying that he is in fact a vengeful spirit, and also savior of the people. Sandra ignores him and set to Central Park, where a murder had occured.

In her way, she stumbles with her ex-husband Chris Jackson (Anthony Mackie). The two are still in a bad relantionship after their divorce.

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