Marge Browne
Magda Browne
Background information
Feature films Dogfield
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Bette Midler
Performance model
Inspiration Cruella DeVil
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Marge Browne
Other names Mom
Personality Moody, spoiled, lazy, snide, money-crazy, greedy, failure-intolerant, selfish, mysterious, cruel, manipulative, abusive, corrupt, motherly, power-hungry, murderous
Appearance Short white hair with a tiny red bow clipped on it, big black glasses, a pink sweater with white polka dots, a long denim skirt, fur stole, turquoise boots
Occupation Queen of England
Vice president of the Thneed company (formerly)
Alignment Bad
Goal To kill Queen Elizabeth (succeeded)

Subjugate the British people (failed)
To kill several dogs and make them into fur coats with her son, Erick
To overthrow the British throne to become the new Queen (both succeeded)
Stay in power at all costs (failed)
Prevent the truth about his crimes from being revealed (formerly)

Home Her house
Relatives Erick Browne Sr. (husband; deceased)
Erick Browne Jr. (son)
Allies Erick Browne Sr.
Minions Erick Browne Jr. (formerly)
Enemies Ben, Hank
Likes Money, her son, the RV, furs, getting her way, killing animals, art
Dislikes Not getting her way, her son letting her down, her husband's childish, dogs, cats (currently)
Powers and abilities Manipulation
Weapons Bazooka
Fate Leaves Erick to be a hermit, and died of a heart attack afterwards.
Quote "If you have to do, what's best for the company, and your momma."

Marge Browne is the main antagonist of the 2015 film, Dogfield, based on the 2013 animated television series of the same name.

She is a ruthless tyrant who plotted to exterminate the original Queen of England in order to overthrow the British throne and became the new Queen of England. She is also the wife of Erick Browne, Sr., and the mother of Erick Browne, Jr., and also the reason that the events of the series took place.


Magda is a greedy and failure-intolerant individual. She is somewhat manipulative and abusive, especially to her son, Erick. She is also snobby, money-crazy, somewhat manipulative, selfish, and cruel to her youngest son, as she has a lack of business insight since she never takes into account of reserving resources (the dogs) to create a long and stable business instead her greed blinds her to the fact that she willing to pressure Erick to kill the dogs (including Ben) and make them into fur coats until nothing left to make the business function.

However, Magda is also hostile, arrogant, manipulative, racist, and selfish tyrant who is determined to expand her power through fear and oppression and who does not care about anything other than his status as Queen. It also turns out that Magda hated the Queen of England due to their connection to the British throne, as she feared that the British throne makes people too powerful and potentially threaten his legacy as a queen. It also turns out that she only steal the palace in order to weaken England's resources so that she could starve and force the British throne into her rule; this was evident when she finally murdered Queen Elizabeth for developing suspicions over the dam before sparking a war against the British throne to cover her tracks, steal the Queen's crown, take over her job as the new Queen, and built a coat factory.

Later, Magda abuses her authority and starts coming up with ridiculous laws to take absurd amounts of dogs and cats off people for every thing they do, intending to kill it on making even more coats. Of course, when Erick loses his business due to the animals' antics, she returns to belittle him and leaves him for good but not before she dies. In the end, her greed and short-sighted contribute greatly not only to Erick's downfall, but also to his rise to power.


During a flashback recalled by Ben, Magda helped kill the puppies and turn them into coats and is the mother of Erick and the daughter of the Gangster Leader.

She constantly battling Erick, and was said he wouldn't amount to anything all his life. However, this wasn't the case when Erick created and mass-produced the successful coat, which has become very popular.

Even when Erick happily taunted his mother of his success as a businessman, she simply brushes this off by claiming that she was only motivating him into creating his business. However, Magda actually feared and despised the dogs, believing that their freedom made them too entitled and that they could potentially threaten her factory and her power as the queen of England. That night, Magda kills Queen Elizabeth. To cover his tracks, Runeard claimed to his army that the Northuldrans attacked him, and a battle broke out between the Arendellian soldiers and the Northuldran people, resulting a number of casualties between both sides. Eventually, during the fight,

She is the one who convinced Erick's continue kill the dogs and cats (including Ben's parents) and turn them into coats. Mostly its clear that she wants Erick to make the business more successful to keep her well kept. Once the factory is run out of business, Magda died of a heart attack suddenly, and collapsed to the ground, leaves Erick an orphan. Before dying, Magda says that she is disappointed by her son. It was revealed that the real cause of Magda's death was due to 78 years of terrible lifestyle choices of eating too much junk food, which caused her heart attack.





  • Although she is the main antagonist of the third film, she is a major factor that led to most of the film's events.
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