Fanfiction Character|name = Madeline Tilly|gender = Female|Born = 2017 |Parents = Phil Laak (Father) Jennifer Tilly (Mother)|Aunts/Uncles = Meg Tilly (aunt) Rebecca Tilly (aunt) Steve Tilly (uncle)|Cousins = Will Firth, Emily Zinneman, David Zinneman|Grandparents = Patricia Tilly (maternal grandmother, deceased) Harry Chan (maternal grandfather, deceased), John Ward (maternal step-grandfather, deceased)

Madeline Laak Tilly is the daughter of actress Jennifer Tilly and professional poker player Phil Laak and the niece of actress Meg Tilly. She is the reason for the couple's retirement from their respective professions. She was born in a Los Angeles hospital, is a few months old and communicates through babbling. She is slowly transitioning from an infant to a toddler, and is learning to walk. She loves to spend time with her parents, but has a strong attachment to her mother. Her favorite games are peekaboo and hide and seek, and she loves it when her mother sings to her, which is usually to stop her from crying or having temper tantrums. She also loves being cradled, tickled and held. She is very curious and naive, and her parents view her as cute. They adore her to death and call her cutesy nicknames. She also likes sleeping, and when she dreams, she plays with clouds. She loves her blanket because it reminds her of being contained in her mother's womb for 9 months. She is not allowed to watch TV or even hear the sounds of TV because her parents find it unhealthy for her, despite the fact that her mother was an actress before giving birth to her. Her mother is 61 years old and was 58 when she gave birth to her, and her father is 47 years old and was 44 when she was born. Her cousins wish that she was conceived and born when they were children. Her aunt refers to her as her "favorite niece" and the ghosts of her late maternal grandparents comment that she was just like her mother when she was a baby.

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